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August 6, 2015

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August 6, 2015 (evening)


You heard it here first!  Gary Numan will be performing at the Cork Opera House in Cork, Ireland on October 25 at 8 pm as part of the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival.  This is Numan's first performance at a Jazz Festival.  The very notion evokes visions of live performances from the I, Assassin era.  Anyway, tickets go on sale Friday, August 7 at 10 am Ireland time.  Seated and standing tickets will be available then for €30.  (Hat Tip: Graham B.)



Rare picture from I, Assassin era

Shared by Numanshane 


August 6, 2015 (afternoon)


Many NAGNFC Readers will remember Luc De Visscher as the Numan fan from Brussels who drove us to Gary Numan's shows in Belgium and Holland as well as the four shows in Germany on the Autobahn at 140 mph (225 kph).  He wrote me yesterday to mention his interview on a nationwide radio show on Studio Brussel.  The interview lasted four minutes, and he was able to speak about Gary Numan's influence over the decades, as well as the upcoming Los Angeles shows that Luc will be traveling to the USA for.  Since the radio show was called 'Was it 80, 90 or 2000', Luc was able to pick three songs, choosing three Numanish songs for play on National Belgian Radio!  Luc's thoughtful selections reflected Numan's influence on modern music:


Gary Numan - Cars (#1 UK hit)

Armand Van Helden - Koochy (#4 UK hit)

Sugababes - Freak Like Me (#1 UK hit)



Echo Webb

Photography: Persia Webb


Sam Walker-Smart provided a great and lengthy review Tuesday on Clash Music for the re-release of Gary Numan & Tubeway Army - Premier Hits.  Sam declares Numan's influence on modern music an indisputable fact, which breaking down the compilation into its various tracks, giving kudos from Stormtrooper in Drag to We Take Mystery (To Bed).  (Hat Tip: Brian H.).  NAGNFC Readers in Australia will have to wait until August 14 to score their copy from Warner Music Australia.  An excerpt:


The punchy percussion on 'Warriors' still impresses, while 'Love Needs No Disguises' (sic) somehow manages to make lovelorn depression danceable. 'Stormtrooper In Drag' after over 30 years still drips with sass and has some of Gary's best vocals ever caught on tape. Just don't try and sing along... you can't sound like Gary - no-one can - and this is why 'Premier Hits' welcome re-release proves a clear reminder on a legacy to often overshadowed by the people it influenced.



August 4, 2015


Preshow parties have been organized for all four of Gary Numan's shows!  Ju put together the biggest preshow party I'd ever seen in March for the RFH show.  She wrote in today to tell us about these latest Numanoid preshow gatherings.  The preshow gatherings for the London shows on October 21, 22 and 23 will take place from 5 pm at the Junction Tavern at 100-101 Fortess Road.




The Numanoid Preshow Party for the Manchester show on October 24 will take place from 5 pm at nearby pub Ford Maddox Brown Weatherspoons, Wilmslow Park, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9NG.  Thanks again to Ju for organising these preshow parties for us to make new friends and get pics before the show!





Shared by Numanshane


Tim Muddiman & the Strange have enjoyed great reviews for their single Rolling Stones.  The single is now available for preorder on iTunes which includes a B-side called It Feels Like an Open Grave.  They will be performing this month at the Camden Barfly on August 14 for £5.  Sites like Listen With Monger have given the single rave reviews.  One reviewer even claims to have the new video (well below this page) on repeat play in their offices.


"Tim Muddiman seems to have his fingers in a number of musical pies, pies belonging to the likes of Gary Numan and Pop Will Eat Itself but with ingredients supplied by Muddiman from his organic vineyard of melodies. This project, however, sees Muddiman having full control over the pie making experience and new single 'Rolling Stones' is fresh from the oven. Middle Eastern references in the opening strains are followed by a swaggering, leather clad riff that is up to no good and determined to have a little fun. Or maybe a lot of fun. The Numan meets Depeche Mode influences are front and centre and if you close your eyes you can just picture a moody, determined montage of an assassin preparing for one last kill. It's probably Liam Neeson. This is moody, gloriously stylish and well produced stuff so, y'know, get involved".




Hello to the Numanoids of the World!  Jim "The Machman" Napier here and hoping your Summer of 2015 you waited for all winter is rocking!  Mine has been Musique Non-Stop!  The DEVO Convention takes place in Cleveland August 14-15, Rasputina (who opened for Numan) plays Pittsburgh and Cleveland August 19-20, and I'll be in Texas August 22 for the Austin Bat Festival where 75 bat-themed vendors will sell their wares as Men Without Hats takes the stage, followed by their show in  Dallas August 23!  I've always wanted to visit Austin!  But for now, on with the NAGNFC August Update!


Gary Numan's fans will be traveling from across the USA, Canada, the UK, Belgium, and further afield to the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles for the unprecedented three-day party of consecutive classic album shows from September 29-October 1!  Fun fact: The word 'Teragram' is 'Margaret' spelled backwards, the name of the owner's daughter (Hat Tip: Mike H.).  The NAGNFC will be there to cover every aspect of the experience from these historic shows.  Be sure and follow 'NAGNFC' on Periscope with your Android or iPhone to catch my short live video broadcasts from the events. 



Raven, Persia & Echo Webb at the doctor's

July 2015

Gary Numan: "IPads. The power to (not) communicate. We limit ours to 30 minutes, twice a week. Useful in Dr's waiting room though"


News of Numan's upcoming three shows in Los Angeles was reported last week in Music Life Magazine.  Hat Tip to article author Joel Naphin for the heads-up, and for using one of my pictures from Gary's Tempe birthday show last year for the article!



Gemma and Raven Webb


It's all over!  The acoustic guitar signed by Gary Numan and his band has found a home.  The charity auction to help the Bob Moog Foundation was bid on 20 times by 7 bidders.  As the auction wound down, it was lucky winner Catherine in Australia who won the day.  I met Catherine at a gig Down Under last year.  She wrote me to say she was taking the plunge with her bid on this one-of-a-kind Numan keepsake.  Thank you to all who were kind enough to bid on the guitar for a charity that helps children and adults alike.  My friend Michelle Moog-Koussa was particularly happy with the auction.  We are going to be working on another auction together very soon.  Stay tuned!  And a hearty congratulations to you Catherine!  I'm sure the guitar has found a good home with you!


We will be shipping to her in the next day or so -- we just need to find a guitar box for proper shipping. Thanks again for your amazing support. We were thrilled to see that auction end so successfully... I'll be back in touch


With gratitude, Michelle



How cool is this fan-made T-shirt for the upcoming Los Angeles shows?

Pictures by Anita S.

Design by Kristin H.


Gary Numan's Official site was hacked in July, sending people offers of medication to enlarge their penis, no doubt inspired by the song Everyday, I Die.  The site was fixed quickly on the same day, and Gary took it all in stride:


Apparently my web site's been hacked & is sending out e-mails with info on penis enlargement medication. Fantastic. I've bought a large box.



Meanwhile in Kentucky....

Shared by NAGNFC Reader Jimmy M.


More news to report about the upcoming concerts in London and Manchester.  It seems Gary has decided to play songs from the Tubeway Army album at each of the four shows, some which have never been played before.  What a treat for fans of the older stuff!  Social media has been rampant with ponderings of what songs from the 1978 album Gary might play.



Gemma and Raven Webb


Tim Muddiman & the Strange have made a splash with their new single Rolling Stones.  It has been tearing up the airwaves, debuting first on Eddy Temple-Morris' XFM show, then last Friday on Hayes FM, on Saturday on Phoenix Radio, Sunday on the Dave Charles show, and Monday on Uckfield FM XSNoize has called the track their song of the day:


Tim Muddiman and The Strange releases their second single “Rolling Stones” after a global response from the debut track “Wildwood Stone.” Extensive worldwide radio play, international blogs and buzzing fans from the UK to Australia are sure to be hyped by this new track from where its predecessor left off. 

The song has been crafted underpinning a huge bass line with a sleazy blues guitar riff, wild tremolos and an instantly catchy grunge vocal melody. Lyrically the song explains solitude and the feelings of organic change until you’re “done and gone alone”, with only music, art, yourself and your life left.

The B-side track is darker. It’s solemn. It has powerful melody, swampy guitar and a sparse but intense feel. The story behind this is real and deeply personal. Something the artist is not afraid to pen.

Tim Muddiman is a long-time member of Gary Numan’s band as well as being an established music producer, remixer and session musician to bands like Pop Will Eat Itself and many more.





Sent by NAGNFC Reader Mark F. to share with you


For her 50th birthday, Lorayne Minahan is going to marry her boyfriend Simon.  Suffering from a rare form of dementia that affects key parts of the brain, Lorayne only has a couple of years to live.  She told the Mirror and Daily Mail that she plans to pack a lifetime full of memories in the time she has left.  The two things she wants to do most is to ride in a hot-air balloon, and to see her childhood hero Gary Numan in concert.


"Even when I was diagnosed I just smiled and said 'Oh well, that's it then'.  What am I going to do, cry?  I'm not going to do that.  I'm embracing this.  I've got this disease by the horns.  I know damn well what's going to happen to me and I'm going to face it head on."


I've already been in contact with Lorayne and Simon.  I told them that it would be a privilege to help make their concert-going experience a little more special.  Lorayne wrote back to say they will be attending a Numan show in 2016 and will be in touch then:


Thank you Jim, hopefully I will be going to see him next year xx




Gary Numan: "Raven, with no guitar lessons, just tuned this one to open E, by ear, because it 'sounded right' & then wrote a tune".




Gary Numan sample at 0:39


If you're in the San Diego area, check out the band Vowws, who worked with Gary Numan on their March 2015 single Losing Myself in You.  They perform with Tropical Popsicle at the Soda Bar on August 21 at 8:00 pm.  If any NAGNFC Readers check out the show, let us know how it went!



Blondie and Gary Numan

July 2015


Very interesting article in the Kansas City Star last weekend called New Synthesizers Return to Analog Origins.  They list Gary Numan's Are 'Friends' Electric? in their short list of Key Moments in Synthesizer history.



Los Angeles Griffiths Observatory

August 3, 2015


Foodie website Food Republic recounted the time when Gary Numan nearly made a cool $15000 to be the musical spokesperson for 7UP, and how the deal finally fell through, much to Gary's dismay:


Back in 1982, Numan was offered £10,000 (around $15,000) to pen three incredibly catchy jingles for the UK branch of 7-Up, according to Night Flight.  He was on his way to the meeting in the States from Cannes when his Numanair plane ran out of fuel and made an emergency landing in Hampshire. The soda jerk execs felt personally offended when their meeting went sans Numan and called the deal off, although the landing was the biggest news headline of the day.

7-Up could’ve had the most radical tune in the soda biz, but perhaps the world just wasn’t ready for it. The first few notes of one unreleased track are reminiscent of the opening theme song of Netflix’s Bojack Horseman, which was written by one half of the Black Keys.



Thanks to everyone who helped make this issue of the NAGNFC one the best yet!  Huge thanks go to Stefan Jungklaus in Germany for the excellent logos at the top of this main page each and every month!  Stefan's been doing the logos for over 10 years now, and does a much better job than I could.  So thanks for helping the cause, Stefan!!  You and everyone else who shares their time are Superstars! 


'Til next time!



Jim "The Machman" Napier




Stefan "Numanhuman" Jungklaus and Jim "The Machman" Napier

Berlin, Germany

February 18, 2014 




Breaking News


July 24, 2015


Hey gang!  There's just under two days left to go before a one-of-a-kind Gary Numan & band-signed guitar will find a good home.  As of now, the eBay auction has 20 bids, and the bidding is up to $785 (see July 17 update for pictures of the guitar).  It is a fitting item for a Numan fan, since his best-known song was written on a (bass) guitar.  And since it is all for a good cause, it's a win-win.  Michelle Moog-Koussa from the Bob Moog Foundation just wrote me to say how impressed they are with the response to this rare Numan item after the bidding reached $610: 


Hi Jim! How are you? Hope you had a fabulous birthday with your family in Florida, and that you made it back ok. I noticed that you had a close flight connection. I know that Terminal E dash to other terminals all too well!  Hey, did you see that the guitar is up to $610?  Sooo great!  Thank you for all of your help promoting it. That auction ends on Sunday, so I'll be sure to promote it more between now and then.



After this auction is over, the NAGNFC and the Bob Moog Foundation will be teaming up to offer another rare item for charity.  I know Numan's fans pretty well, so I offered some advice about the best way to price the item which Michelle is happy with.  More details to come after the guitar auction.  For now, this is likely your last chance to own this very special guitar, a limited edition of one.  Some lucky Numan fan is about to enjoy some serious bragging rights!



Shared by Numanshane

Photography: Gemma Webb


July 17, 2015


This is it!  The North American Gary Numan Fan Club and my friend Michelle Moog-Koussa from the Bob Moog Foundation are teaming up to raise funds for charity, benefitting the educational projects of the BMF!  The mission of the Bob Moog Foundation is to educate and inspire children and adults through the power and possibilities of electronic music and the intersection of music, science and innovation.



A pristine 18" x 24" limited-edition official 2013 art poster from the Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit signed by Gary Numan is now up for grabs on eBay. Only 220 of the regular posters were made. Printed on 100lb stock, the poster is signed and numbered by original artist, Drew Findley of Subject Matter Studios, Asheville, NC in the lower corners. Gary Numan signed the poster just after his stunning concert on Saturday night of the festival.  The auction lasts only six more days!



Signature by Ade Fenton



Signature by Tim Muddiman


Plus something very special to help keep Michelle's father Bob Moog's vision alive well into the future.  An acoustic guitar signed by Gary Numan, Tim Muddiman, Ade Fenton and David Brooks from the Mountain Oasis Festival on October 26, 2013 was posted on eBay just this evening!  The Sequoia guitar is lightly used, but otherwise in very good condition.  There are already 2 bids on this one-of-a-kind prize.  With eight days to go, the bidding is up to $51.00 for you to own this guitar that has been on display in the Moog offices in Ashville until now.



Signature by Gary Numan

This guitar is in need of a good loving home.  Will it be yours?




I'm a HUGE fan of the Moog Synthesizer from way back.  One of my very first albums was 1968's Switched-On Bach.  I had the incredible opportunity to speak with Bob Moog in 1997 about the album during a Q&A, film and demonstration of Theremins at Cornell University.  (I'd thought the album was still the best-selling classical album of all time, but he modestly countered that honor had since been eclipsed by another classic album since then).  So I have to say that it is an incredible privilege to offer the resources of the NAGNFC to help the Bob Moog Foundation!




Jim "The Machman" Napier and Michelle Moog-Koussa

Ithaca, New York

May 16, 2015

Photography: Carl Patzer


July 11, 2015


In light of the upcoming classic shows, Q Magazine featured Gary Numan this month in a special piece in their Story of Electro-Pop called I, Robot.  It is Part 7, the final part, of Phase One of the article.  The article, with some vintage photos, brings readers from the earliest days to the present time.  Replicas is celebrated as an "Essential Album".  (Hat Tip: Graham B. in the UK)



A superb interview with Tim Muddiman appeared in Essentially Pop on Friday.  Tim Muddiman & the Strange are about to release their next single Rolling Stone.  Their next show is at the Old Queens Head in London on Wednesday, July 15.  Grab your tickets here!  (Hat Tips: Graham B. and Michelle G. in the UK)






This issue of Smash Hits hit the stands 36 years ago this week! 

(Hat Tip: Graham B. in the UK) 


I see Tyler K. sometimes at Gary Numan's shows in California.  He actually performed a killer version of Are 'Friends' Electric? on Wednesday at the Oakland Sidequest Gallery, and sent it to me to share with you (below).  While Tyler's version is true to Numan's, he gives it an edge that is also very interesting.  Well done, and thanks for the share!




Autotrader in Canada has been using Gary Numan's Cars to sell their own cars for some time now (below).  Canada enjoys copyright laws that are more liberal than the USA or the UK, so it is possible that Numan isn't getting royalties for his music in this case.  (Hat Tip: Josie L. in Canada) 




July 4, 2015 (Happy American Independence Day!)


Only a mere two days after they went on sale, all of Gary Numan's Premiere passes for London are now sold out and gone forever.  Lucky Premiere ticket holders will get the unique opportunity to get a picture with the band on stage while they walk you through their live set-up.  Premier ticket holders will get a deeper appreciation and understanding of how Gary Numan's music is created on the live stage, more than others that can only speculate.  They will also get to hang with the band during rehearsal, getting the opportunity to be the very first to hear what these historic consecutive classic shows will sound like.  Details of your Premiere perks will be emailed to you shortly.  (Hat Tip: Graham B.)



Due to the overwhelming success of the VIP options, a new "Rehearsals" Package is available for the Los Angeles show.  At $325, it is the same price as the Premiere option in the UK, and includes the 3 hour rehearsal in the studio, but not VIP on the day of the show.  Here is the link to purchase them before they're gone.



July 2, 2015


About a day after all the UK VIP tickets have sold out, Gary Numan has, just this moment, made Premiere VIP passes available for sale for the London shows.  With the £200 Premiere Pass (purchased as well as a concert ticket), you will be able to meet Gary, sit in on three hours of rehearsal at a top London studio, take pictures of the rehearsal and with Gary (just no video recording), and even have Gary and the band walk you through their gear and live set-up, which will serve to quell ramblings from the minority that everything you hear is from a computer.  At £200 the UK Premiere pass compared the the USA Premiere pass is a pretty good deal.  ($500 US vs. $312 US).  You can grab your Premiere pass here before they sell out.  Again, it isn't made clear on the page that the rehearsal will take place on a different day, which is a good thing to know if you have plans to fly in from somewhere else in the world just for the shows.  The rehearsal, though, will take place from 2-5 pm in London.  (Hat Tip: Adrian G., Graham B. & Rich K.)



Persia and Wilbur Webb



Hello to the Numanoids of the World!  Jim "The Machman" Napier at your service!  I just finished following the Men Without Hats/China Crisis tour (peppered by Numan's Long Beach show) and am back just in time to give you a rocking July update!  What a great time to be a Gary Numan fan!  Gary is collaborating with some very well-respected musicians, and is even finding time to perform live as he writes his new material for an extensive tour in 2016.  On with the latest news....



Tony and Gary Webb

Hoping your Father's Day was awesome!


As of yesterday, all the VIP tickets in the UK are showing as "fully reserved".  Until recently, the last UK VIP tickets available were two for the Replicas show.  Now they, too, are unavailable.  It appears one would have to pray to the aliens to score VIP for an October Numan show now.



At the Ink-n-Iron Festival

Long Beach, California

June 14, 2015


News of the 3-day Numan extravaganza in the USA is being reported by media nationwide.  News appeared Friday in MXDWN, Do LA, Broadway World, Buzzbands LA, Big Shot Magazine, With Guitars, Urban Hippis, and in Pittsburgh Music Magazine.  The NAGNFC is chuffed to have been able to be the very first with this news for you!



A rare outtake picture from Numan's house, like the one I included here last month, this time with Wilbur.

Chris Corner (IAMX) and his dog Polar, Gary Numan, cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy)

June 6, 2015


The Cinefamily Theater in Fairfax, California played the movie Times Square in honor of its 35th anniversary on Saturday.  You may remember Times Square for its awesome soundtrack, including Numan's Down In the Park.



Wilbur and Persia Webb

June 2015


The 3 Day Pass for the US October shows, saving fans $20 plus a bevy of ticket fees, sold out in under one minute after they went on sale on Friday.  This rivals the Hollywood Forever cemetery event when it took 10 minutes to sell out the entire concert.  That was a 300 capacity venue whose second night took a week to sell out as Teragram's 600 capacity shows are about to as well.  I know a few who were lucky enough to score the 3 Day Pass.  Others I know of who used two computers at the exact moment they went on sale weren't as lucky.  One theory going around the Webb is that, based on Numan's ticket sales in Los Angeles, selling out the El Rey in two consecutive nights and at Hollywood Forever, scalpers were inspired to use their tools to procure these tickets for future sale.  Stay tuned to the NAGNFC as this story develops.



At the Ink-n-Iron Festival

Long Beach, California

June 14, 2015


There's a lot of questions surrounding the Premiere passes as opposed to the VIP passes, so allow me to help de-mystify it all for you.  The biggest thing to know is that the Premiere pass includes everything the VIP pass includes, and adds special access to the 3-hour rehearsal that takes place the previous weekend, and NOT on the day of the show.  This will be helpful information for the many who are buying the Premiere pass, but will not arrive until the day of the show.  (Hat Tip: Liz from Alaska)  Otherwise, here are the particulars on these optional add-ons to your concert tickets:




Premium VIP

- $500 each
- Exclusive access to the rehearsals for the shows in LA where you can meet Gary, touch the gear, have the band walk you through their set-up and watch 3 hours of the rehearsal
- Meet Gary and get your own photo with him on stage at The Teragram Ballroom
- Exclusive Behind-the-scenes Access to watch and take your own photos of Gary during soundcheck (NO FILMING OF SOUNDCHECK)
- An Exclusive Limited Edition Signed Poster
- A Special Souvenir VIP Meet & Greet laminate that will give you priority access into the show when the doors open
- Crowd-free shopping at the merch store before doors open
- You'll receive all of your VIP merchandise in a Gary Numan Tote Bag on the day of the show

- PLEASE NOTE VIP packages DO NOT include a ticket to the show, this must be purchased separately




Standard VIP

- $200 each
- Meet Gary and get your own photo with him on stage at The Teragram Ballroom
- Exclusive Behind-the-scenes Access to watch and take your own photos of Gary during soundcheck (NO FILMING OF SOUNDCHECK)
- An Exclusive Limited Edition Signed Poster
- A Special Souvenir VIP Meet & Greet laminate that will give you priority access into the show when the doors open
- Crowd-free shopping at the merch store before doors open
- You'll receive all of your VIP merchandise in a Gary Numan Tote Bag on the day of the show

- PLEASE NOTE VIP packages DO NOT include a ticket to the show, this must be purchased separately



At the Ink-n-Iron Festival

Long Beach, California

June 14, 2015


Gemma Webb had an operation yesterday to remove what Gary said was "an ovary with something nasty in it".  Numan said he was very happy with the success of her operation and was able to drive her home to be with family.  On behalf of the NAGNFC, quick recovery from the surgery, Gemma! 




Shared by Numanshane 


One of the main reasons Gary moved to Los Angeles was to work in film scoring.  As always, Numan is taking inspiration from many different sources.  One film score he called "brilliant" was for an Adam Alleca film he attended a screening for Wednesday called 'Standoff'.




Gary Numan and Adam Alleca

June 24, 2015


The regular version and Gary Numan Remix of IAMX's Happiness enjoyed a Worldwide Digital Release on June 19.  I've only seen positive reviews online for the much-awaited single.  Happiness was actually the last song that was recorded for the new album, but is the first single.  Singer Chris Corner speaks more about the song in Magnetic Magazine.  IAMX will be touring this fall around the time of the new IAMX album Metanoia.  Their show in Pomona before Numan's show was utterly brilliant, including a cool video mix in the background of Numan's I Am Dust video they created for Numan.  I've found out the track listing of the new album, and the tour dates, both listed below.


No Maker Made Me
North Star
Say Hello Melancholia
The Background Noise
Look Outside
Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me



Just announced IAMX Tour Dates




Happiness (Gary Numan Remix)


Gemma isn't the only one in the Webb household to go under the knife in June.  The Webb's kitten, Google, had an operation two weeks ago to have her tail amputated due to trauma and badly damaged nerves.  Gemma says Google seems way happier these days. 



Google Webb


John a/k/a the revered Australian band Morbious wrote in to say he is now writing a song called Is Numan Human.  He says he's really excited about it, and it's sounding great.  John promises that once it's done,  NAGNFC Readers will be the first to hear it!  Thanks, John and good luck with the song! 



New hair for Persia


A quiet moment to pause and reflect on this momentous week in Gary Numan history.  For it was 36 years ago yesterday that Are 'Friends' Electric? first reached #1.  The music world from New Wave to Nine Inch Nails would never be the same.  (Hat Tip: Graham B.)



I've always liked the band Filter, and have known many fellow Numanoids who've gone to see them.  The band is a spinoff from band members who were in Nine Inch Nails.  The band were kind enough to include the news about Gary Numan's upcoming Los Angeles shows on their Official Filter Facebook Page yesterday.



Josh Freese with Gary Numan

At the Ink-n-Iron Festival

Josh played some tracks with Peter Murphy that night

Long Beach, California

June 14, 2015


An interesting book was recently published by M. King Adkins called New Wave: Image is Everything (Palgrave Macmillan, $95).  Arkansas Online featured a review last weekend as well as a great interview with the author who mentions Gary Numan a number of times.



"Gary Numan BERSERKER" - 11"x17" watercolor on bristol board.

Artist Jimi B. of Chicago finished this over the weekend and sent it my way to share with you.


It was a privilege to see Gary Numan alumni Mark Thwaite perform with Peter Murphy twice last month.  Mark let me know today about a couple of other very cool projects he's been involved with.

The debut full length Primitive Race album is scheduled for an August 7th release via Metropolis Records!  The album features Mark Gemini Thwaite (Gary Numan, The Mission, Peter Murphy, Mob Research, New Disease) Tommy Victor (- Prong -,Danzig, ex-Ministry), Erie Loch (Official Blownload, Dream In Red, Luxt) Graham Crabb (Pop Will Eat Itself, Je Suis Crabbi) Andi Sex Gang (Sex Gang Children), Dave "Rave" Ogilvie, Joshua Bradford (Revolting Cocks, Stayte, Simple Shelter), Kourtney Klein (Army On The Dance Floor, ex-Combichrist, ex-Nitzer Ebb) Mark Brooks (Night Club, Metalocalypse, Warlock Pinchers, Foreskin 500) and Chris Kniker. The album was mastered by Maor Appelbaum who mastered the New Disease album and the latest Faith No More album.  You can preorder the album here for $12.98, and they'll ship the Primitive Race CD to you when it's released August 7th.


Rising forth from the primordial sonic stew of intensive collaboration, industrial supergroup PRIMITIVE RACE stands ready to take their place as the pure evolution of Industrial Music – past, present and future. Evoking the intensity, fury and excitement of Industrial First Wave, PRIMITIVE RACE brings together an all-star cast of contributors – each of whom is a ‘missing link’ in the canon of industrial and EBM in their own.


01. So Strange
02. Follow The Leader
03. Acceptance Of Reality
04. Addict Now
05. Cage Rattler
06. Give Up The Ghost
07. Taking Things Back
08. Platinum Balls
09. Seeing Right Through It All
10. DJFH
11. Below Zero



Emilio DiZefalo-China, Peter Murphy, and Mark Thwaite

San Luis Obispo SLO Brewery

June 13, 2015

Photography: Jim "The Machman" Napier


If you can't wait until August 7th, Mark was involved in another supergroup known by the very Numanish title, New Disease.  Their CD Patent Life was released on the UK label Armalyte Industries on February 16 with a special edition bonus disc full of rarities, demos and unreleased tracks.  You can grab it in the UK at Amazon or in the USA (far cheaper) from CDBaby.


'Patent Life'  - ten years in the making - was finally mastered and released via CDBaby.com in North America in August 2014. Recorded between 2003-2004 during sessions with producer David Bottrill (Tool/Muse/Peter Gabriel) and John Fryer (NIN/H.I.M/Depeche Mode), the  album (in CD and digital formats)  includes many of their own self recorded sessions, a brand new version of the 2014 single 'Like Rain' and an exclusive new 2014 song 'Plainfield' by the band.



It was a total blast meeting with Michelle Moog-Koussa, daughter of Moog Synthesizer inventor Bob Moog at the recent Moog Birthday Bash in Ithaca, New York.  Michelle and the NAGNFC are going to team up this month to help the Bob Moog Foundation.  They have an acoustic guitar signed by Gary Numan and the band at the 2013 Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Festival, as well as five Gary Numan-signed MOEMS Official Posters.  Bob Moog’s innovations in music synthesis revolutionized almost every genre of music. The Bob Moog Foundation, a small non-profit organization, carries his pioneering legacy forward to future generations. Their mission is to ignite creativity at the intersection of music, science, history and innovation, accomplished through three programs: Dr. Bob's Soundschool, amassing the impressive Bob Moog Foundation Archives, and the creation of the future Moogseum in Asheville, North Carolina.  Stay tuned to the NAGNFC this month to be the first to know how to take home some really cool Numan rarities while helping the important cause of keeping Bob Moog's vision alive.



Jim "The Machman" Napier and Michelle Moog-Koussa, daughter of Bob Moog.

Michelle had some amazing anecdotes to share from those early days at the

Moog Birthday Bash

Ithaca, New York

May 16, 2015

Photography: Carl Patzer


I received word from Numan's Tour Manager Dave Dupuis.  Given the three September shows are in Los Angeles, the guest list is quite long.  So keep your eye out for celebrities when you're enjoying Gary Numan in the Entertainment Capital of the World!  For example, I know The Edge from U2 was at the El Rey show, and Craig Ferguson was both there and at last year's Numan show in Toronto.



Exclusive picture of the Numan set from the Queen Mary

I'm on the left taking more exclusive pictures for the NAGNFC

Sent my way by Hugh B.

Ink-n-Iron Festival

Long Beach, California

June 14, 2015

Photography: Hugh B. of San Francisco


A book was released recently in Germany by Rammstein by keyboardist Christian "Flake" Lorenz called Der Tastenficker.  In the book, he tells readers what he likes about music, citing Gary Numan as one of his all-time favorites.  (Hat Tip: Michael W. in Germany)




Interesting mix of Gary Numan's music shared with the NAGNFC by Alan G.


I've been speaking with Michael H. from Artpark/Academy Park, two cool music venues in Lewiston near Niagara Falls that features all types of bands all summer long each year.  Bands such as The English Beat and Stan Ridgeway are among the artists this year.  Two artists he's been trying to bring to the venues are Echo and the Bunnymen and Mr. Gary Numan.  I'm going to let Gary know they are more than interested, and hopefully something will come of it when Numan revs up the touring schedule again next year.  After all, Gary has never played Western New York state before!



At the Ink-n-Iron Festival

Long Beach, California

June 14, 2015


Thank you to the special fans who shared news, pics and other coolness for me to include on this month's July update of the NAGNFC!  You are all Superstars!!  Even after 25 years, thanks to you, these NAGNFC Issues keep getting better by the month!  Things are relatively quiet this month without following any major tours, so I'll make a point this month to catch up on any and all correspondence, and oh yes, finish work on my new Numan book of photos before the UK shows.  Stay tuned my friends!  Lots to Nu-news to come on the near horizon....


'Til next time!



Jim "The Machman" Napier



Liz from Alaska, Jim "The Machman" Napier, and Cristina from Italy who follows Peter Murphy around the world.

San Luis Obispo SLO Brewery

June 13, 2015






Men Without Hats show

Jacksonville Jack Rabbits

May 2, 2015






    Gary Numan and Jim "The Machman" Napier and Gary Numan

    Detroit Majestic Theatre

    July 31, 2006 








    The "Big G", Jim "The Machman" Napier, Gary Numan, Mark Darmofal

    The Spa, New York City

    AApril 18, 2001




    August/September 2013


    Chapter 1  Sacramento Ace of Spades

    Chapter 2  Eugene WOW Hall

    Chapter 3  Vancouver Fortune Sound Club

    Chapter 4  Seattle Bumbershoot Music Lounge

    Chapter 5  Portland Wonder Ballroom

    Chapter 6  Oakland Metro Opera House

    Chapter 7  Santa Ana Observatory