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October 1, 2014

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October 17, 2014


Less than a week to go now before Gary begins the next leg of the Splinter Tour.  This has been Numan's most extensive, most well-reviewed, most far-reaching tour since 1980.  The tour will see Gary play cities he hasn't performed in for 34 years, and many other places he has never played before like Iowa, Winnipeg and Saskatoon.  As always, the NAGNFC will offer the best coverage from the tour, from backstage to the VIP meets to the shows themselves.  Come along and enjoy the shows with me here!




Here's my itinerary including flight connections over the next month or so.


The Numan Tour kicks off Thursday in his own hometown of Los Angeles.  Numan's personal guest list is absolutely full of friends and family.  There was a newly announced change this week.  For that show only, the opening band is now IAMX, the cool band responsible for Numan's well-received video for I Am Dust.  Kitten will open for Gary for most of the rest of the North American dates.



Gary at the Haunted Hayride Halloween Event

Los Angeles

October 14, 2014


Michael A. in Vancouver wrote me to warn readers about a website in Vancouver that gouging fans, charging double and more for his show there.  The official ticket merchant for the show is Ticketfly.  Thanks, Michael! 



Manchester Apollo

September 29, 1983

Photography and shared online by Mark B.


Gary has just contributed an exclusive track with vocals to a video game called The Evil Within.  The game was released Tuesday, October 14 (exactly a year after Splinter was released) in North American and Europe, and was released yesterday in Australia.  The game was released in Japan as Psycho Break. The single-player survival horror game is available on Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox One and 360 and for Microsoft Windows.  The game was published by Bethesda Softworks who has also published a few other titles I enjoy!  The game is expected do very well, having been created by Shinji Mikami, the inventor of the Resident Evil series.  It has already gone Gold as of September 25.  To promote the game, Warner Bros. Movie World in Queensland, Australia, created a maze populated with real-life characters from the game as part of its annual Fright Nights event.  As for the plot, while investigating the scene of a gruesome mass murder, Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners encounter a mysterious and powerful force. After seeing the slaughter of his fellow officers, Sebastian is ambushed and knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he finds himself in a deranged world where hideous creatures wander among the dead. Facing unimaginable terror, and fighting for survival, Sebastian embarks on a frightening journey to unravel what is behind this evil force.  Gary's song is below:






Great pictures of Kalkulus' new album.

Pictured is Karl and famed street artist Gnasher

London Leake Street

Photography: KickAss Photography


Rolling Stone magazine says that Gary Numan gets better with age.  This in their review of the German Krautrock band Camera, with their new single Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide.  (Hat Tip: Paul of Cambridge)




Los Angeles Magazine featured an article entitled The Rarely Told Story of the World's Most Famous Song About Automobiles.  They correctly say the song's lyrics were much darker, with a propulsive sound to match that intention.  Brief words from Numan are included.  Another interview on the subject was featured in the Telegraph with more exclusive words by Gary.



Gary Numan with Trent Reznor

The Queen Mary (Dark Harbour) Halloween Event

Long Beach, California

October 3, 2014



Gary Numan with Trent Reznor

The Queen Mary (Dark Harbour) Halloween Event

Long Beach, California

October 3, 2014


To everyone who ordered Gary Numan's From Inside DVD from the NAGNFC, all DVDs have been mailed!  So you will get to enjoy the new scary Gary movie well in time for Halloween!  The movie is often more bleak than scary.  Gary was the perfect choice to provide the atmospheric music for this gently animated movie.  Unlike his last major soundtrack for The Unborn, which sounded much like what he was doing at the time, this soundtrack surprises with cool sounds we haven't heard in Numan's repertoire to date.  And it plays well against Cee's (the young girl's) narrative.  Its experimental passion put me in mind of Thomas Dolby's awesome score for the 1986 movie Gothic.  And like the best horror films, From Inside has a twist ending that will stay with you.  DVDs are still available from the NAGNFC a few paragraphs below on this page.  Meanwhile, I'll be giving them out as contest prizes at preshow parties in Canada as well as at NAGNFC's 25th Anniversary London aftershow party.  Details forthcoming!



Gemma and Gary rode an actual ride from the Neverland Ranch

Dark Harbour Halloween Event

Long Beach, California

October 3, 2014


Gary attended a screening of the movie in Hollywood last Wednesday.  He said it was really cool to experience the film in that setting.



Gemma Webb gets into the Halloween spirit

October 14, 2014


A brilliant and full review of From Inside appeared in DVD Talk.  They call it a truly unique piece of art that's not afraid to push the boundaries of its medium:


Hypnotically and hauntingly gorgeous, it's actually kind of a mini-masterpiece in indie animation... The star of this special new Gary Numan edition is of course Numan's score, which gets a booming front seat in the mix. The sometimes bombastic, sometimes solemn electronic score will give your surround system quite a workout, especially through the excellent 5.1 mix. The design and mixing of the sound effects are also spectacular, especially considering that this was a low-budget production.




The Webb family at Disneyland for an early birthday celebration for Persia's 9th birthday, who is pictured up top with a Maleficent-style cake

October 14, 2014


A review of From Inside also appeared in the Russian publication


Over the past year, Gary Numan is on tour in support of the album "Splinter", which, according to the musician, recorded everything that happened in his life during the period from 2006 to 2011 (when the musician suffered from depression and took pills). Накануне начала записи нового лонгплея Ньюман выпускает оригинальный саундтрек к фильму "From Inside" режиссера-графика Джона Бергина ( John Bergin ). On the eve of the beginning of the recording of the new LPs Numan release the original soundtrack to the film "From Inside" director John Bergin graphics (John Bergin). Это первая за 23 года работа Ньюмана ( Gary Numan ) для кино - после саундтрека к хоррору "The Unborn". This is the first in 23 years, the work of Numan (Gary Numan) for the movie - after the horror soundtrack to "The Unborn". 

October 21 will go on sale DVD disc edition "From Inside - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" with music Numan and his co-author Ade Fenton (Ade Fenton).

Ньюман взялся за написание музыки к картине в 2013 году после того, как фильм объездил более 35 фестивалей с саундтреком другого автора. Numan began writing music for the film in 2013 after the film has traveled more than 35 festivals with a soundtrack of another author. Фрагмент фильма можно посмотреть на Youtube. Fragments of the film can be viewed on Youtube.



En route to Mexico for cage diving with sharks.  Have a good time guys!

October 15, 2014


Gary Numan spoke with Billboard and the Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday about scoring From Inside.  Also featured in Express, The New Daughter, US Nation Post, the Courier Journal, Gods and Alcoves and 15 Minute News, they talk about his touring, and how Gary is writing his newest novel in between tour dates.  Gary explains why he went back to scoring films and how it came about:


When I came to America, I went to a lot of meetings to say I would love to have an opportunity. It wasn't like I was trying to walk out of these meetings with a job; I was just saying, "Bear me in mind." Brian at Lakeshore rang up, and I thought it would be a nice first step. I could find out if I had any talent for it, the company wasn’t taking any great risk, and there was no pressure. I was able to see if I enjoyed it and see if it is a thing I want to do more of. It was a cautious and careful first step, and I'd like to do more.



Gary Numan and Rrussell Bell

Manchester Apollo

September 8, 1980

Photography and shared online by Mark B.


I thought I'd heard everything after the Klezmer Version of Metal.  And now Cecilia Noel and the Wild Clams have just released an album of 1980's covers.  Recorded in Cuba on Compass Records, the album Havana Rocks features songs by Gary Numan, Devo, Men At Work, David Bowie and others.   English is the primary language although the choruses are sung in Spanish.  The music has a Cuban flavor, with elements of soul and jazz mixed in.  I wasn't expecting much either after that description, but I have to say their cover of Cars is surprisingly energetic and enjoyable.  A review of the album by World Music Central didn't include the excellent video of the track, so a huge hat tip to Paul of Cambridge for tracking down a vid for us, which was released Tuesday!




Gary's friend Bill Nelson, who co-produced Warriors, received his own prestigious Walk-of-Fame style Star in Wakefield.  The Yorkshire Post was there to cover the event, which historically has honored those who have excelled in their field of expertise.  (Hat Tip: Alec W.)



Bill Nelson

October 6, 2014

Photography: Yorkshire Post


Tim Muddiman's Pledge Campaign to fund his new music project is at 71% with 102 days to go!  That's almost 30% more in half a month!  I knew you would come through for Tim!  The response has been fantastic, but it's no time to rest.  We still need YOU to make it the rest of the way.  There are a lot of benefits you can enjoy by donating too.  Check them out on his site here!

Gary Numan watches his brother John with Paul Gardiner behind him



The From Inside CD went on sale last week worldwide on Amazon (although the physical CD seems to have run out temporarily on Amazon UK you can still download it).  Elsewhere you can grab it on Amazon in the US.  The reviews are glowing.



Gary sings Are 'Friends' Electric?



October 1, 2014


From many of the links on the NAGNFC, readers notice the influence that Gary has on many different types of bands, who say they incorporate Numan's ideas and concepts into their own music.  But Gary's influence isn't only on music.  An article last month in Vogue Magazine proves that Gary Numan has influenced current day fashion as well.  They interviewed Andreas Melbostad from the Diesel Black Gold line at a fashion show backstage as he showed off his Spring 2015 line (Hat Tip to Steel and You and Paul from Cambridge):


Melbostad said backstage he’d been thinking about rockabilly, which always presented, just as he did here, women as having a kind of tough, empowered attitude. Yet he’d also been thinking (and listening) to New Wave late seventies/early eighties music, from Blondie, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan. It was a picture of the latter wearing a shirt with studs in the shape of stars that inspired the star print that ran through the entire collection with an insistent, rhythmic beat.





Hello to the Numanoids of the World!  Jim "The Machman" Napier here with the latest in the world of PlanetNuman thanks to NAGNFC Readers from all over the world!  Next month the NAGNFC, the World's Longest Running International News Source for Numan's Fans, turns 25 years old.  And what a month it will be.  Gary Numan will perform in front of his largest stage set since Wembley.  Next month will also mark the culmination of Numan's largest worldwide tour in more than 30 years.




Gary embarks on the next segment of his tour on October 23 in the Los Angeles suburb of Pomona.  Numan's Tour Manager Dave Dupuis wrote me today to say the guest list is now full.  Not surprising since it is Gary's hometown.  These new tour dates will include many cities, provinces and states Gary has never played before or haven't played in 34 years, including Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Iowa.  Gary's opening band for the regular US and Canadian shows will be Kitten.  We heard Kitten meowing on stage before Gary's show at the Santa Ana Observatory last September.  Very fun band!




Shared by Louise B.


A North American Gary Numan Fan Club group will be meeting up in Winnipeg before the show.  The meet-up is nearby at the Second Cup coffee house at 251 Edmonton Street in Winnipeg.  Here's the Facebook page for the meet!  Join us for caffeine and Numan chatter! (Hat Tip to Kelly A. and Joey L. for organizing this!)



Shared by Louise B. 


An interview with Ade Fenton appeared in Music Radar.  We learn much about the man, including that he is currently producing electro-pop duo April Towers for a release later this year.  Ade is also Resident DJ for Birmingham's techno event Atomic Jam.  He tells us about the process of working on the new soundtrack From Inside, as well as Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind).  Below is a song called Arcadia produced by Ade Fenton.  You can tell Ade by his signature synth and percussion effects in this very catchy track!





Shared by Su RM


Billboard Magazine devoted a full article to the new soundtrack From Inside due to be released October 21.  A nice concise article that will put the project on the radar for the readers of this iconic insider magazine.  They (and also the mag Classicalite) included this video of an interview with Gary about the project (below) (Hat Tip: David K from MVD).






Tim Muddiman has just launched a Pledge Campaign to help defray the costs of creating his new solo EP Stranger Than Paradise due around Christmas in December.  The EP will include 3 new tracks as well as 2 remixes.  The bennies for pledging aren't too bad actually.  For a $15 (£9) pledge, you will receive a stripped-down version of one of the tracks, exclusive news about Tim Muddiman & his band The Strange, exclusive invites to his first ever shows early next year, the debut EP on CD or vinyl, an intimate performance in the studio before the EP's release, and more!  Tim will also be donating to the charity, Anxiety UK.  Tim's Pledge Campaign has already reached 44% of its goal with 119 days to go.  I know I can count on you to help a friend and bandmate of Numan's realize his dream!



Gary said: They might look happy but mostly they were worried about snakes and wanted me to carry them. Even Wilbur.

September 22, 2014




Shared by Louise B. 



Parts 1 & 2

London Leake Street

Photography: KickAss Photography

My friend Karl from Kalkulus has honoured Gary's return to Hammersmith in a very special way.  The new album
Random on the Westside is hugely inspired by the cover of Tubeway Army's first 7" single That's Too Bad.  Until the lights go down after Gary plays London, you can see the street art of the Numan-inspired cover art, painted by none other than David "Gnasher" Nash, famous for his 20 foot high art of Rik Mayall in Rik's hometown of Harlow in Essex.  Check it out underneath Waterloo Station in the world-famous Banksy Tunnel.  Last weekend, Karl signed exclusive copies of his new CD, and said the feedback was tremendous.  It was the only time to grab the CD before it's officially released November 28.  There are only 500 copies, and half have already been presold.  T-shirts of the art were available on the day as well.  But it's not too late.  You can grab all this and more at his site.  Highly recommend!

London Leake Street

Photography: KickAss Photography

There is an amazing Facebook group for Gary Numan called Gary Numan Wembley Farewell Shows April 1981.  This is an incredible resource for those who want to remember those special 3 nights that Gary said farewell, perhaps forever.  Or if you're like me and were 11 when it all happened, Gary C. from that Facebook group sent me this great and fun read to share with you from those who were there.  I've never even seen 99% of the many pictures included!  (Hat Tip to Gary C. and everyone at the GNWFS group!)

The Rentals are currently on tour.  You may remember them from their 1995 song Friends of P.  Anyway, on Thursday the former Weezer band member told App his love for synthesizers began with Gary Numan.  The Rentals have just released their first new stuff in 15 years.




How cool is this cover of Cars on the light harp?  (Hat Tip: Jeff Tolva)


Sir Mix-A-Lot is a huge fan of Gary Numan.  He sampled Zero Bars (Mr. Smith) on his best-known album, thanking the Webbs in the credits.  More recently, his new video (posted on the NAGNFC a couple years ago) featured his homage to Numan's Cars Rolling Stone Magazine, Billboard and Music Times have just reported that Gary Numan would be Sir Mix-A-Lot's dream collaborator, as well as Madonna and Korn.  He decided against Prince, since he said Prince would just hog the studio.



Gary Numan with opening band Shock

London Wembley Arena

April 1981

Picture owned by Lowri-Ann Richards

Shared by Gary C. 


With the upcoming Decibel Festival in Seattle, the movie I Dream of Wires was screened in Seattle.  The film includes several artists related to the modular synthesizer including Gary Numan and Nine Inch Nails.  The Seattle Times give it 2.5 out of 4 stars.



Gary said: Club 33 restaurant in Disneyland this evening. Mostly watching YouTube clips of ghosts outside that very room. Creepy.

September 21, 2014



Shared by Louise B. 


Fans will get the chance to meet and take photos with Bill Nelson on October 6 at 5:00 pm as he is presented one of Wakefield's Stars at the Unity Works.  Nelson, who will give a speech at the event, worked with Gary Numan on the album Warriors.  The tickets are free but are limited so grab yours here today!  Here's what Bill had to say (Hat Tip: Alec W.):


As many of you will be aware, I've been awarded a Hollywood style star by Wakefield City Council in recognition of my musical career. The award will be presented to me on Monday the 6th October at Wakefield's 'Unity Works.'

The ceremony is open to fans but space is limited so tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served' basis. Tickets are free. The presentation of the award will take place in the 'Minor Hall' section of Unity Works. (The new name for the Unity Hall.) Actually, the 'Minor Hall' has a special place in my heart as this is the venue where I remember seeing my father play when I was still a very young child. In fact, this was the only time I got to see him perform live that I can recall.

I've been awaiting information about how fans can apply to reserve tickets to attend the Wakefield Star Award event but, so far, I've not been informed of how that can be done. I've sent an email today to ask, once again, for info about this but I suggest it might be worthwhile you contacting either the Wakefield Star committee directly or Unity Works as soon as possible to see if you can secure a place, (provided you would like to come along and lend me some support!) :wink:

As I said, it won't cost you anything to obtain a ticket but space is limited so please don't delay. After the presentation of the award I understand there will be an opportunity for 'networking' and general mingling and it would be really nice to meet some of you personally and say hello, (providing you're patient with my current hearing disability...)

If I am given any more info, I'll pass it on here. All I know at the moment is that the event will start at
5pm on Monday 6th October in The Minor Hall, Unity Works, Westgate, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Hope some of you can make it!


He later wrote an update:


Just got home from a session at Fairview studio to transfer tracks recorded for my upcoming 'Stereo Star Maps' album and found an email from Wakefield council about availability of tickets for the Star Awards event at Unity Works in Wakefield this coming Monday, 6th of October. Tickets are free but you need to reserve them quickly as space is limited. I think someone may have posted the link whilst I've been over at Fairview today, but, here it is again. Hope I'll get to see some of you there!



Shared by Louise B. 


Proof positive that Gary Numan is much in demand among the general populace.  VIP passes for the London Hammersmith show literally sold out in minutes, crashing the server.  Subsequent Super VIP passes have sold out quicker than I could post an update about it here.  The 16 extra passes went for £200 each (still a bargain compared to the $500 VIP passes in Australia during the Pleasure Principle Tour of 2011).  VIP passes have historically been limited to 16 per show, so hopefully they'll start the VIP event a little sooner to ensure everyone has a good experience.  The Super VIP tickets included:

- Meet and greet where you can take your own photo with Gary, bring your favourite piece of personal memorabilia to get signed (please limit to 1 item) and the chance to chat one-on-one with the Electro legend
- Exclusive Behind-the-scenes Access to watch and take photos of Gary during soundcheck (NO FILMING OF SOUNDCHECK)
- A Limited Edition CD featuring an exclusive, previously unreleased track and Exclusive Artwork
- A Signed copy of 'Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)' on CD
- A specially produced VIP Experience laminate that will give you priority access into the show at doors


For those who couldn't score a pass, rest assured the NAGNFC will hook you up with plenty of pictures and news from the VIP event at Hammersmith.



Shared by Numan Shane


No bites on my expensive Depeche Mode Fan Convention tickets I tried to give away here on the NAGNFC.  It kind of works out as the date of the event was since changed to December 14 at The Avalon in Hollywood.  I have nothing going that day so a friend and I will likely get out there and enjoy the event.




Thanks to everyone who helped the cause for the NAGNFC October update!   Stefan Jungklaus in Germany did an amazing job with the main graphic up top as always.  Thanks to Louise and Numan Shane for the pics, and so many others for helping with the latest news!  You are ALL superstars! 



Shared by Louise B.


Next month, the NAGNFC celebrates its 25th Anniversary.  Issue #1 of the NAGNFC was unleashed to the world on November 1, 1989.  Much of the main page will feature some of the NAGNFC's first graphics, logos and rough drafts.  The page will include a timeline of NAGNFC accomplishments over the past quarter century, from the dreams of a 21 year-old kid with a typewriter up to the present day's insider Numan news from the backstages of Gary's shows worldwide, including how we've hooked up the fans with the latest news, pics, great deals on Numan's latest output and hosting NAGNFC fan conventions.  Fans in California have asked me for high-res copies of my logo to create their own T-shirts to wear at Gary Numan's shows this month to commemorate 25 years of the NAGNFC.  Pics to come!!  The NAGNFC celebrations in November will culminate in Gary's big return to London Hammersmith followed by a jamming NAGNFC party after the show.  Stay tuned for all the details my friends!


'Til next time!


                                Jim "The Machman" Napier





Jim "The Machman" Napier and Jason Wright

Reading Sub 89

June 26, 2014 



NAGNFC September Breaking News

September 13, 2014


The news that I announced on September 10 has become reality!  The new music from Gary Numan and Ade Fenton is being released on vinyl on December 2!  The From Inside soundtrack will be a limited 2xLP gatefold vinyl release, running 60 minutes.  The album's jacket is printed with special 'double-shot' spot color inks for a unique vibrant look, a collectible work of art exclusive to the vinyl release by the film's director John Bergin!  This will go on preorder to the general public October 28, 2014.  But thanks to Official Distributor MVD, it is now available for preorder as of today here on the NAGNFC below.  The suggested retail price that MVD has set for this limited release is $24.99 plus tax, but until the end of September, you can preorder it on the NAGNFC for $22.99 total.  Here is the track listing:


The Train


 We Crossed a Bridge Over Death

 On A Red Lake

 The Empty House

 Memories of Fire


 So Many Bodies



 The Killing

 My Part In This Is Over

Almost Inhuman

 A Moment of Reflection

 Nothing Can Stop Us

 The Cave In

 A Dream About The Dirty-Faced Girl

 The Little Fire Engine

 Heaven and Hell


The End of the World

Cee, The Light


 Finding Him

The Bandaged Man

 Into the Eternal Flames



North American Customers can order the 2xLP soundtrack here:

$22.99 + $5.99 shipping


UK Customers can order the 2xLP soundtrack here:
£15.99 UK + £5.99 shipping

 European customers can order the 2xLP soundtrack here:
€17.99 Euro  +  €6.99 shipping

Australian Customers can order the 2xLP soundtrack here:
$25.99 + $10.99 shipping

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, Gary's old friend Bill Nelson will be honored in a Hollywood-style tribute in his hometown of Wakefield next month!  The star will be set in a paving in Wakefield city centre alongside those of the dozen Wakefield-born recipients previously honored.  (Hat Tip: Alec W.)

NAGNFC Readers already knew that Sean Burke was performing live in the band Open Sores, the band Sean was in before joining Tubeway Army.  And now, the readers of today's Slough Express in the UK knows as well!  Nice picture and a bit of history is included in the article.  They play today (Saturday) at the Slough Red Cow and September 21 at the Woking Undercover Festival.


Gary has always told many about the musical talents of his oldest daughter Raven.  And now Andy Gray is producing her first song.  Stay tuned for more details on this development.  Best wishes to Raven Webb for a long, satisfying career doing what you love!



John B. and Jim "The Machman" Napier

Holmfirth Picturehouse

July 3, 2014


September 10, 2014


My contacts at MVD Entertainment Group (the official distributor for Numan's From Inside) have just informed me they have decided to make the From Inside soundtrack available on vinyl.  It will be a quality 2xLP (double vinyl) with a gatefold sleeve.  The suggested retail price for the limited edition 2xLP for retailers will be $24.99, but I'll try to arrange special pricing for NAGNFC Readers as we did for the DVD itself.  David from MVD and I are both fans of Numan and of vinyl, so we've been giddy as schoolgirls about this news!  Stay tuned for more on Numan's latest release!



 Speaking of which, the From Inside DVD is still available for preorder exclusively on the NAGNFC.  It won't be available to the general public for preorder until September 21.  Plus the NAGNFC offers direct from distributor pricing, and shipping more than a week before the street date of October 21.


North American Customers can order the DVD here:

$9.95 + $5.00 shipping




UK Customers can order the DVD here:

£7.00 UK + £5.00 shipping




European Customers can order the DVD here:

€8.00 Euro  +  €6.00 shipping



Australian Customers can order the DVD here:

$11.00 Aus + $9.00 shipping



If you are unable to use PayPal, email me so we can make alternate plans.  Many thanks to MVD for helping me bring you this excellent deal for NAGNFC Readers!


Many fans keep telling me that Gary Numan should be featured on the popular show Top Gear, especially considering his best-known song.  Well it's finally happened.  While Gary wasn't on the show himself, the song Cars was just featured in Top Gear's Part 3 of James May's Special Cars of the People episode.  This was also seen all over the USA on BBC America.  (Hat Tip: Carl P.)



Local newspaper article of the last Teletour concert in 1980

Edmonton Kinsmen Fieldhouse

November 12, 1980

Thanks to Pete K. for sending this my way!

Here is a review of the Calgary 1980 show the night before (Hat Tip: Joey L.)


Electronic pioneers Gary Numan, Vince Clark, Trent Reznor, Factory Floor and John Foxx are among the contributors to a new documentary about the death and rebirth of the modular synthesiser called I Dream of Wires. The screening was introduced by Stephen Mallinder of cult Sheffield band Cabaret Voltaire last night at Brighton's St. George's Church.



Wilbur and Bundle get their pic taken for National Dog Day on Sunday

September 7, 2014

Photography: Gemma Webb


One of the most popular bands these days is The Tea Party from Canada.  Turns out, band member Jeff Martin told Tonedeaf that Numan was the inspiration for their song Submission, which he called "powerful...but it has a bit of menace to it as well".


‘One of my favourite songs as a kid was Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’. I remember Jeff Burrows and I when we were 12 or 13 years old, we used to go to this roller skating rink to pick up girls right,’ Jeff laughs, ‘and ‘Cars’, when that song played, all the girls were on the roller skating rink. And so it brought back memories for me.




In the spirit of all the Chordify links I've been posting for Numan's music (the latest being this month's You Walk In My Soul), here is a video tutorial for those who want to play Cars on guitar, the instrument the song was originally written on:



Beggars Banquet's Founder and Chairman Martin Mills, whose label released the first Gary Numan records, was honoured with the prestigious Pioneer Award this month at the AIM Independent Music Awards.  Mills said "This means more than anything".

Cool vid of Down In The Park on a Yamaha DX-5.  And with no rehearsing!
(Hat Tip: William B. of South Carolina)

Milli Mouse Music featured their spotlight on Gary Numan this month.  It's interesting that all these types of articles never agree how many Numan albums there have been.  This one quotes a number of 21.  Anyway, a good article nonetheless:

The same parents who jammed out to the cheerful and campy beat of Cars would without a doubt be scared of the newer, darker, and more industrial image of the transformed Gary Numan.



Fun Fact of the Day:  In the main September update this month, I featured James Freud's 1981 LP Breaking Silence with Gary Numan, which is about to be released on CD.  NAGNFC Reader Paul of Cambridge wrote in to note that the cover of Freud's LP was inspired by the cover of a book by Larry Clark named TulsaTulsa is a collection of black-and-white photographs by Larry Clark of the life of young people in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Its publication in 1971 "caused a sensation within the photographic community", leading to a new interest in autobiographical work.  (Hat Tip: Paul of Cambridge)




Gary's bassist Tim Muddiman has formed his own band called Tim Muddiman & The Strange.  The new EP is due for release at the end of 2014.  But never fear.  Tim isn't leaving Gary's band, saying his loyalty remains with Numan.  You can follow Tim's new band on their Facebook page.  Here is a very early and rare demo of Rolling With Stones, then called Vulture:







Hello to the Numanoids of the World!  Jim "The Machman" Napier broadcasting the Numan news to the planet from here under the Northern Lights of Northern Canada on my way to points north in the subarctic.  I haven't even been home yet from the Men Without Hats tour in California last week!  But I'm still here for a and bringing it!  Without further adieu, the latest news:

The buzz is on over Gary's first tour of Western Canada in 34 years, and the first Iowa date as well as many West Coast cities.  Broadway World and Diffuser told their readers about the tour.  Even Keyboard Magazine spoke of the "music pioneer's" upcoming dates.  The ubiquitous Pollstar say Gary Numan has been a touring machine this year!



Andy Grey enjoys homemade cookies at the Webb homestead

August 2014


My friends Joey, Paul K and Peter of Calgary have been in touch with their friends and family to attend the show there for a combined party of over 130 people alone, many just to see what all the fuss is about with all they hear about Numan!  Good thing the Calgary venue holds 1200!   Joey says that it would be a good idea to grab your tickets to the Calgary show soon, as they are already going for $99 on StubHub!

Shared online by Kevin S.


Joey has been in touch with the owner/manager of the Calgary Flames Central venue.  Thanks to his initiative to make this a special evening for everyone, they have made many arrangements.  One of these include special access for a North American Gary Numan Fan Club group represented by me.  We will get in before the general public.  If you would like your name to be added to this group and enjoy special VIP access for free, contact Joey here:


1) We've got a reservation at "The National On 8th" directly across the street from the venue starting at 5:00pm and running to 7:30ish, under the name of "The North American Gary Numan Fan Club" (which will be represented by Jim Napier of Ithaca, NY).  Currently that reservation is for "20/30" people - it would be helpful to know from EACH of you if you're planning on attending this.  I'll put a note by your name on my list, and in a week or so I'll get back to them with a firmer number.
2) Although the doors open to the general public at 8pm, we are to all congregate outside of the venue no later than 7:40pm.  We will then be ushered into the venue by Myles, one of the managers there, ahead of the general public.  We'll score the best spots.  :-)
Venue capacity is 900 in single-floor configuration, or 1200-1300 in two-floor configuration.  We won't know which they're using until a couple of weeks before the gig (depending on ticket sales).
And now here's the request: we need to get some airplay for something RECENT by Gary.  The best fit would likely be X92.9 (http://x929.ca) (which surprisingly plays "Cars" but nothing from the latest album) or The Peak 95.3 (http://www.953thepeak.com/).  What I would ask each of you to do is hit those music directors with a request for this Numan song:
"Love Hurt Bleed"

Perhaps mention in your email that you're planning on going to this show and hope their station will help promote the show.  The people to hit are:
The Peak: no email, click http://www.953thepeak.com/ and then click CONTACT.
Your efforts will be much appreciated! :-)  Please also pass this along to anyone who you know is arranging to buy their own tickets but would like to join us for the pre-show get-together.



Reinvention, the Gary Numan movie from 2013, will be showing at the Auditorium in Rochester, New York at 500 University Avenue.  Tickets are $10.  The showing is part of their Alternative Music series.  Other movies in the series have included movies about Talking Heads, The Replacements, Daft Punk and Joy Division.  The event hasn't been announced on their site yet, so you've heard it here first.  More information call the MAG Events Office at (585) 276-8950 or email them at events@mag.rochester.edu.



August 2014


Vintage and unreleased Gary Numan music has been released.  James Freud's 1981 album Breaking Silence has been released on CD on August 20.  The release comes with 8 tracks of A sides, B sides and unreleased tracks.  After James opened for Numan in Australia in 1980, and appeared on Numan's Telekon, a friendship was struck between the two.  They started work on an album together.  While most of that album is still unreleased, you can hear Automatic Crazy on this CD.  Other tracks are also produced by Gary Numan.  The demos they recorded together remained unreleased until now.  The CD is available at Sandman Records for $25 for Australians and $28 for the rest of the world.  (Hat Tip: Brian H. &  Here is the tracklisting:


1. Modern Girl
2. The Television's Hungry
3. The Saviours
4. Enemy Lines
5. Butane Babies
6. Star to Star
7. 19 Again
8. No More Telephone
9. Mean Modulator
10. Blue Moon

Bonus Tracks

James Freud & The Radio Stars
11. Worlds of Tragic Tales (single B-side)

James Freud's Berlin
12. Only the Young (single B-side)

James Freud and Berlin
13. Automatic Crazy (single A-side)
14. While We Worship Oxygen (single B-side)
15. Rooms To Rent – previously unreleased
16. Central – previously unreleased
17. Panic in The Power Station – previously unreleased
18. Search And Rescue – previously unreleased



Mik Scarlet spoke with the Huffington Post UK about the best moments of his otherwise unlucky life.  One of the memories he cherishes most is opening for Gary Numan.



Gary in the Grand Canyon

August 2014


The Alt-Fest saga continues.  Fans who shelled out funds to attend the festival which included over 100 artists, including Gary Numan, are still out of pocket.  Clubtickets were the principal agency issuing tickets to those buying admission to the event.  On August 1st, Clubtickets released a statement saying:


"In line with our cancellation policy detailed here we will be making full refunds to all ticket purchasers.  A full refund covers everything related to this event including the various add-ons and booking fees.... we will get in touch with all ticket holders soon to confirm what day to expect cleared funds."


Not only has Clubtickets stopped responding to any queries about refunds as of August 4, their website has completely disappeared.  The only good news is that fans of other tickets outlets, such as Amazon or Festickets, etc, have already received refunds.



Kitty plays hide-and-seek in the Webb household

August 2014


Chordify is at it again!  This time they've "chordified" She's Got Claws.  Watch the notes as they're played automatically on the site so you can follow along!  We live in an age of miracles!




Just when you thought you'd heard it all!  (Hat Tip: Paul of Cambridge)


An exclusive!  Ian Dunn from Principle Photography has let me know about his photos he took at Tim Muddiman's Pop Will Eat Itself gig in Stourbridge last month!  Thanks for sharing your excellent photos, Ian!  You're a star!  I've been receiving photos from other kind fans as well.  Rest assured they will all appear on the NAGNFC very soon!



Shared online by David C.



As we all know, Gary's favorite band is Depeche Mode.  He credits their music with helping him find his way after Machine & Soul.  The major annual Depeche Mode Fan Convention will be taking place in Los Angeles this November.  Tickets are normally $25 at the door (or $20 plus ticket fees by mail), but the NAGNFC has two tickets to give away to some lucky reader!  Maybe you?  Just reply to this NAGNFC Forum post telling us why it should be you who receives the tickets.  Multiple entries will be disqualified.  The contest ends September 30 at midnight, and the winner of 2 tickets will be announced on the NAGNFC October update on October 1, 2014.  Good luck!





Thanks to Jeff Tolva for sharing this fascinating video of old-school sounds


Humble thanks to everyone for sharing their talents, news, pics and kind words for this site!  I'm off to continue my trek northward toward the Arctic.  It's been an amazing trip in many ways so far.  You can follow along on the adventure under the Northern Lights on Facebook and Twitter.  If I don't answer your emails in the next week, it's because I'll be in parts of the Earth without internet or phone access.  But rest assured I will catch up when I return on the 10th.  Wish me luck!  I've brought some extra sirloin to distract any wandering polar bears.  But I'll probably see a lot more caribou.  See you when I return to the grid!



Canadian wilderness toward north where few humans have ever been

September 1, 2014




Stefan "Numanhuman" Jungklaus and Jim "The Machman" Napier

Berlin Imperial Club

February 18, 2014 




Jim "The Machman" Napier and Tim Prentice

Atlanta Masquerade

October 25, 2013






    Meeting fans before the show

    Manchester Ritz

    December 8, 2011






    Gary Numan and Jim "The Machman" Napier and Gary Numan

    Detroit Majestic Theatre

    July 31, 2006 








    The "Big G", Jim "The Machman" Napier, Gary Numan, Mark Darmofal

    The Spa, New York City

    AAApril 18, 2001




    August/September 2013


    Chapter 1  Sacramento Ace of Spades

    Chapter 2  Eugene WOW Hall

    Chapter 3  Vancouver Fortune Sound Club

    Chapter 4  Seattle Bumbershoot Music Lounge

    Chapter 5  Portland Wonder Ballroom

    Chapter 6  Oakland Metro Opera House

    Chapter 7  Santa Ana Observatory