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September 13, 2014

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Breaking News


September 13, 2014


The news that I announced on September 10 has become reality!  The new music from Gary Numan and Ade Fenton is being released on vinyl on December 2!  The From Inside soundtrack will be a limited 2xLP gatefold vinyl release, running 60 minutes.  The album's jacket is printed with special 'double-shot' spot color inks for a unique vibrant look, a collectible work of art exclusive to the vinyl release by the film's director John Bergin!  This will go on preorder to the general public October 28, 2014.  But thanks to Official Distributor MVD, it is now available for preorder as of today here on the NAGNFC below.  The suggested retail price that MVD has set for this limited release is $24.99 plus tax, but until the end of September, you can preorder it on the NAGNFC for $22.99 total.  Here is the track listing:


The Train


 We Crossed a Bridge Over Death

 On A Red Lake

 The Empty House

 Memories of Fire


 So Many Bodies



 The Killing

 My Part In This Is Over

Almost Inhuman

 A Moment of Reflection

 Nothing Can Stop Us

 The Cave In

 A Dream About The Dirty-Faced Girl

 The Little Fire Engine

 Heaven and Hell


The End of the World

Cee, The Light


 Finding Him

The Bandaged Man

 Into the Eternal Flames



North American Customers can order the 2xLP soundtrack here:

$22.99 + $5.99 shipping


UK Customers can order the 2xLP soundtrack here:
£15.99 UK + £5.99 shipping

 European customers can order the 2xLP soundtrack here:
€17.99 Euro  +  €6.99 shipping

Australian Customers can order the 2xLP soundtrack here:
$25.99 + $10.99 shipping

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, Gary's old friend Bill Nelson will be honored in a Hollywood-style tribute in his hometown of Wakefield next month!  The star will be set in a paving in Wakefield city centre alongside those of the dozen Wakefield-born recipients previously honored.  (Hat Tip: Alec W.)

NAGNFC Readers already knew that Sean Burke was performing live in the band Open Sores, the band Sean was in before joining Tubeway Army.  And now, the readers of today's Slough Express in the UK knows as well!  Nice picture and a bit of history is included in the article.  They play today (Saturday) at the Slough Red Cow and September 21 at the Woking Undercover Festival.


Gary has always told many about the musical talents of his oldest daughter Raven.  And now Andy Gray is producing her first song.  Stay tuned for more details on this development.  Best wishes to Raven Webb for a long, satisfying career doing what you love!



John B. and Jim "The Machman" Napier

Holmfirth Picturehouse

July 3, 2014


September 10, 2014


My contacts at MVD Entertainment Group (the official distributor for Numan's From Inside) have just informed me they have decided to make the From Inside soundtrack available on vinyl.  It will be a quality 2xLP (double vinyl) with a gatefold sleeve.  The suggested retail price for the limited edition 2xLP for retailers will be $24.99, but I'll try to arrange special pricing for NAGNFC Readers as we did for the DVD itself.  David from MVD and I are both fans of Numan and of vinyl, so we've been giddy as schoolgirls about this news!  Stay tuned for more on Numan's latest release!



 Speaking of which, the From Inside DVD is still available for preorder exclusively on the NAGNFC.  It won't be available to the general public for preorder until September 21.  Plus the NAGNFC offers direct from distributor pricing, and shipping more than a week before the street date of October 21.


North American Customers can order the DVD here:

$9.95 + $5.00 shipping




UK Customers can order the DVD here:

£7.00 UK + £5.00 shipping




European Customers can order the DVD here:

€8.00 Euro  +  €6.00 shipping



Australian Customers can order the DVD here:

$11.00 Aus + $9.00 shipping



If you are unable to use PayPal, email me so we can make alternate plans.  Many thanks to MVD for helping me bring you this excellent deal for NAGNFC Readers!


Many fans keep telling me that Gary Numan should be featured on the popular show Top Gear, especially considering his best-known song.  Well it's finally happened.  While Gary wasn't on the show himself, the song Cars was just featured in Top Gear's Part 3 of James May's Special Cars of the People episode.  This was also seen all over the USA on BBC America.  (Hat Tip: Carl P.)



Local newspaper article of the last Teletour concert in 1980

Edmonton Kinsmen Fieldhouse

November 12, 1980

Thanks to Pete K. for sending this my way!

Here is a review of the Calgary 1980 show the night before (Hat Tip: Joey L.)


Electronic pioneers Gary Numan, Vince Clark, Trent Reznor, Factory Floor and John Foxx are among the contributors to a new documentary about the death and rebirth of the modular synthesiser called I Dream of Wires. The screening was introduced by Stephen Mallinder of cult Sheffield band Cabaret Voltaire last night at Brighton's St. George's Church.



Wilbur and Bundle get their pic taken for National Dog Day on Sunday

September 7, 2014

Photography: Gemma Webb


One of the most popular bands these days is The Tea Party from Canada.  Turns out, band member Jeff Martin told Tonedeaf that Numan was the inspiration for their song Submission, which he called "powerful...but it has a bit of menace to it as well".


‘One of my favourite songs as a kid was Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’. I remember Jeff Burrows and I when we were 12 or 13 years old, we used to go to this roller skating rink to pick up girls right,’ Jeff laughs, ‘and ‘Cars’, when that song played, all the girls were on the roller skating rink. And so it brought back memories for me.




In the spirit of all the Chordify links I've been posting for Numan's music (the latest being this month's You Walk In My Soul), here is a video tutorial for those who want to play Cars on guitar, the instrument the song was originally written on:



Beggars Banquet's Founder and Chairman Martin Mills, whose label released the first Gary Numan records, was honoured with the prestigious Pioneer Award this month at the AIM Independent Music Awards.  Mills said "This means more than anything".

Cool vid of Down In The Park on a Yamaha DX-5.  And with no rehearsing!
(Hat Tip: William B. of South Carolina)

Milli Mouse Music featured their spotlight on Gary Numan this month.  It's interesting that all these types of articles never agree how many Numan albums there have been.  This one quotes a number of 21.  Anyway, a good article nonetheless:

The same parents who jammed out to the cheerful and campy beat of Cars would without a doubt be scared of the newer, darker, and more industrial image of the transformed Gary Numan.



Fun Fact of the Day:  In the main September update this month, I featured James Freud's 1981 LP Breaking Silence with Gary Numan, which is about to be released on CD.  NAGNFC Reader Paul of Cambridge wrote in to note that the cover of Freud's LP was inspired by the cover of a book by Larry Clark named TulsaTulsa is a collection of black-and-white photographs by Larry Clark of the life of young people in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Its publication in 1971 "caused a sensation within the photographic community", leading to a new interest in autobiographical work.  (Hat Tip: Paul of Cambridge)




Gary's bassist Tim Muddiman has formed his own band called Tim Muddiman & The Strange.  The new EP is due for release at the end of 2014.  But never fear.  Tim isn't leaving Gary's band, saying his loyalty remains with Numan.  You can follow Tim's new band on their Facebook page.  Here is a very early and rare demo of Rolling With Stones, then called Vulture:







Hello to the Numanoids of the World!  Jim "The Machman" Napier broadcasting the Numan news to the planet from here under the Northern Lights of Northern Canada on my way to points north in the subarctic.  I haven't even been home yet from the Men Without Hats tour in California last week!  But I'm still here for a and bringing it!  Without further adieu, the latest news:

The buzz is on over Gary's first tour of Western Canada in 34 years, and the first Iowa date as well as many West Coast cities.  Broadway World and Diffuser told their readers about the tour.  Even Keyboard Magazine spoke of the "music pioneer's" upcoming dates.  The ubiquitous Pollstar say Gary Numan has been a touring machine this year!



Andy Grey enjoys homemade cookies at the Webb homestead

August 2014


My friends Joey, Paul K and Peter of Calgary have been in touch with their friends and family to attend the show there for a combined party of over 130 people alone, many just to see what all the fuss is about with all they hear about Numan!  Good thing the Calgary venue holds 1200!   Joey says that it would be a good idea to grab your tickets to the Calgary show soon, as they are already going for $99 on StubHub!

Shared online by Kevin S.


Joey has been in touch with the owner/manager of the Calgary Flames Central venue.  Thanks to his initiative to make this a special evening for everyone, they have made many arrangements.  One of these include special access for a North American Gary Numan Fan Club group represented by me.  We will get in before the general public.  If you would like your name to be added to this group and enjoy special VIP access for free, contact Joey here:


1) We've got a reservation at "The National On 8th" directly across the street from the venue starting at 5:00pm and running to 7:30ish, under the name of "The North American Gary Numan Fan Club" (which will be represented by Jim Napier of Ithaca, NY).  Currently that reservation is for "20/30" people - it would be helpful to know from EACH of you if you're planning on attending this.  I'll put a note by your name on my list, and in a week or so I'll get back to them with a firmer number.
2) Although the doors open to the general public at 8pm, we are to all congregate outside of the venue no later than 7:40pm.  We will then be ushered into the venue by Myles, one of the managers there, ahead of the general public.  We'll score the best spots.  :-)
Venue capacity is 900 in single-floor configuration, or 1200-1300 in two-floor configuration.  We won't know which they're using until a couple of weeks before the gig (depending on ticket sales).
And now here's the request: we need to get some airplay for something RECENT by Gary.  The best fit would likely be X92.9 (http://x929.ca) (which surprisingly plays "Cars" but nothing from the latest album) or The Peak 95.3 (http://www.953thepeak.com/).  What I would ask each of you to do is hit those music directors with a request for this Numan song:
"Love Hurt Bleed"

Perhaps mention in your email that you're planning on going to this show and hope their station will help promote the show.  The people to hit are:
The Peak: no email, click http://www.953thepeak.com/ and then click CONTACT.
Your efforts will be much appreciated! :-)  Please also pass this along to anyone who you know is arranging to buy their own tickets but would like to join us for the pre-show get-together.



Reinvention, the Gary Numan movie from 2013, will be showing at the Auditorium in Rochester, New York at 500 University Avenue.  Tickets are $10.  The showing is part of their Alternative Music series.  Other movies in the series have included movies about Talking Heads, The Replacements, Daft Punk and Joy Division.  The event hasn't been announced on their site yet, so you've heard it here first.  More information call the MAG Events Office at (585) 276-8950 or email them at events@mag.rochester.edu.



August 2014


Vintage and unreleased Gary Numan music has been released.  James Freud's 1981 album Breaking Silence has been released on CD on August 20.  The release comes with 8 tracks of A sides, B sides and unreleased tracks.  After James opened for Numan in Australia in 1980, and appeared on Numan's Telekon, a friendship was struck between the two.  They started work on an album together.  While most of that album is still unreleased, you can hear Automatic Crazy on this CD.  Other tracks are also produced by Gary Numan.  The demos they recorded together remained unreleased until now.  The CD is available at Sandman Records for $25 for Australians and $28 for the rest of the world.  (Hat Tip: Brian H. &  Here is the tracklisting:


1. Modern Girl
2. The Television's Hungry
3. The Saviours
4. Enemy Lines
5. Butane Babies
6. Star to Star
7. 19 Again
8. No More Telephone
9. Mean Modulator
10. Blue Moon

Bonus Tracks

James Freud & The Radio Stars
11. Worlds of Tragic Tales (single B-side)

James Freud's Berlin
12. Only the Young (single B-side)

James Freud and Berlin
13. Automatic Crazy (single A-side)
14. While We Worship Oxygen (single B-side)
15. Rooms To Rent – previously unreleased
16. Central – previously unreleased
17. Panic in The Power Station – previously unreleased
18. Search And Rescue – previously unreleased



Mik Scarlet spoke with the Huffington Post UK about the best moments of his otherwise unlucky life.  One of the memories he cherishes most is opening for Gary Numan.



Gary in the Grand Canyon

August 2014


The Alt-Fest saga continues.  Fans who shelled out funds to attend the festival which included over 100 artists, including Gary Numan, are still out of pocket.  Clubtickets were the principal agency issuing tickets to those buying admission to the event.  On August 1st, Clubtickets released a statement saying:


"In line with our cancellation policy detailed here we will be making full refunds to all ticket purchasers.  A full refund covers everything related to this event including the various add-ons and booking fees.... we will get in touch with all ticket holders soon to confirm what day to expect cleared funds."


Not only has Clubtickets stopped responding to any queries about refunds as of August 4, their website has completely disappeared.  The only good news is that fans of other tickets outlets, such as Amazon or Festickets, etc, have already received refunds.



Kitty plays hide-and-seek in the Webb household

August 2014


Chordify is at it again!  This time they've "chordified" She's Got Claws.  Watch the notes as they're played automatically on the site so you can follow along!  We live in an age of miracles!




Just when you thought you'd heard it all!  (Hat Tip: Paul of Cambridge)


An exclusive!  Ian Dunn from Principle Photography has let me know about his photos he took at Tim Muddiman's Pop Will Eat Itself gig in Stourbridge last month!  Thanks for sharing your excellent photos, Ian!  You're a star!  I've been receiving photos from other kind fans as well.  Rest assured they will all appear on the NAGNFC very soon!



Shared online by David C.



As we all know, Gary's favorite band is Depeche Mode.  He credits their music with helping him find his way after Machine & Soul.  The major annual Depeche Mode Fan Convention will be taking place in Los Angeles this November.  Tickets are normally $25 at the door (or $20 plus ticket fees by mail), but the NAGNFC has two tickets to give away to some lucky reader!  Maybe you?  Just reply to this NAGNFC Forum post telling us why it should be you who receives the tickets.  Multiple entries will be disqualified.  The contest ends September 30 at midnight, and the winner of 2 tickets will be announced on the NAGNFC October update on October 1, 2014.  Good luck!





Thanks to Jeff Tolva for sharing this fascinating video of old-school sounds


Humble thanks to everyone for sharing their talents, news, pics and kind words for this site!  I'm off to continue my trek northward toward the Arctic.  It's been an amazing trip in many ways so far.  You can follow along on the adventure under the Northern Lights on Facebook and Twitter.  If I don't answer your emails in the next week, it's because I'll be in parts of the Earth without internet or phone access.  But rest assured I will catch up when I return on the 10th.  Wish me luck!  I've brought some extra sirloin to distract any wandering polar bears.  But I'll probably see a lot more caribou.  See you when I return to the grid!



Canadian wilderness toward north where few humans have ever been

September 1, 2014



August NAGNFC Breaking News


August 29, 2014


This page has been announcing various Gary Numan tour dates coming up this fall.  Well, the full 11-date list of dates has just been officially announced.  VIP tickets are also available for the shows.  More details about preshow gatherings, etc, will be included with the NAGNFC September update on Monday, including details on a special North American Gary Numan Fan Club group in Calgary that will be escorted inside by the venue owner before the general public, for free, and you're invited!



October 23 - Pomona Glass House

October 24 - Petaluma McNear's Mystic Theatre

October 26 - Portland Roseland Theatre

October 28 - Seattle Neptune Theatre

October 29 - Vancouver Rickshaw Theatre

October 30 - Calgary Flames Central

October 31 - Edmonton Union Hall

November 1 - Saskatoon O'Brians Event Centre

November 3 - Winnipeg Garrick Centre

November 5 - Iowa City Blue Moose Tap House

November 8 - Austin Fun Fun Fun Fest


Canadian tickets are on sale now.  USA tickets are available August 29 at 10:00 am CDT



Andy Gray and Gary Numan

Los Angeles

August 2014


August 27, 2014


You heard it here first!  Gary Numan will rock the Blue Moose Tap House in Iowa City, Iowa on November 5!  Gary has never played Iowa before, although he did cut through Iowa on the way to the next show in Boulder after Minneapolis on the Pure Tour.  Doors open at 8:00 for a 9:00 show.  The show is ages 19 and up and tickets are $25.  They go on sale August 29 at 10:00 am CDT (Hat Tip: Joey L)



Shared online by Stefan in Germany


August 25, 2014


Tons of updates being created and prepared for the big NAGNFC September update for the Numanoids of the World next week!  Meanwhile, not really Numan news except that involves threats to this humble American journalist, not unlike tactics used this week by ISIS, the insurgency in Iraq, when another American journalist named James was also killed as he was doing what he loved best, keeping the world informed.  I've attempted to handle the matter in private, but as the issues have exploded into public forums everywhere, I can either address it or ignore it.  Since the threat is deadly, I will address it on the NAGNFC Forum so authorities can be contacted if something happens to me.  Feel free to ignore it and read on as it is not Numan news and doesn't belong on this front page.


August 23, 2014


New Gary Numan stops are being announced here before anywhere else again!  While Numan's band is over here from the UK, Gary also has plans to play Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles.  This news is so new that I don't have any dates or details yet.  But they will appear on this page as the details are confirmed.



The main page of the Winnipeg Garrick Centre's website


Gary's car was broken into last weekend.  The vehicle was ransacked and a GPS was stolen.  A police report was created for the incident.  Gary made a public plea for the return of his GPS as all his settings and addresses were inside.



Neck Pinch 

Shared online by artist Mikstyx 


On a happier note, Gary's best known track Cars turned 35 years old this week on Thursday.  The world of electronic music, new wave, and present-day electronica would never be the same.




Ghost in the Machine

Shared online by artist Mikstyx 


August 21, 2014


MVD Entertainment has told me there are no plans to release the rumored digipack, including both the CD soundtrack and DVD movie "From Inside- Gary Numan Special Edition".  The CD and DVD will only be available separately.  Neither the sales manager or sales representative at MVD have been able to confirm a Bluray release, so it looks like the movie will be available only on (region-free) DVD.  The DVD is now available for preorder exclusively on this NAGNFC site below in the August 16 news update for far cheaper than the suggested retail price listed in the promo press kit (pictured a bit below).




The full clip of ITV Meridian's News featuring Gary Numan and some fans including a certain Machman!


The buzz over Gary's visit to Western Canada has begun.  Numan hasn't played Calgary and Edmonton in 34 years, while Gary has never played Winnipeg or Saskatoon before.  News of Numan's shows have just popped up on two of the five venue websites.  Matt Bevis of the Winnipeg venue just received word of Numan's show today (2 days after NAGNFC Readers knew) and has already updated their site with a large picture of Numan that takes up their entire page.  He told Joey his Winnipeg venue holds 750.  Joey Lindstrom of Calgary has been pretty effective in rallying support for Gary's show in Calgary.  He has already confirmed more than 30 of his friends and family will be there, many to see why Joey travels the world!



Undercover Festival flyer including Sean Burke's band Open Sore (formerly of Tubeway Army)


Joey has also been in touch with the Front-of-House Manager Myles of the Calgary Flames Central venue (where Yelp's visitors have raved about the quality of the sound).  The place holds up to 1200-1300 in its two-floor configuration (or 900 in its one-floor config if need be).  Myles has been helpful to Joey's request to get our group inside together, and in a place inside with a good view of the stage.  He invites NAGNFC Readers to join this group:


"Myles Scheske, the Front Of House Manager at Flames Central, is thrilled to welcome Gary Numan fans from around the world to this major event.  He will be coordinating with me to ensure that we, as a GROUP, are ushered in together and situated together in an area with a good view.  If you wish to be part of this group, please contact me at joey@garynuman.info so that I can get your name on the list."


Here is a list of the preshow gatherings for Numan's Canadian dates (Hat Tip: Joey):


Pat's Pub & Brewhouse
403 E Hastings St
(A block or two down the street from venue)

Original Joe's
109 8 Ave SW (A couple of doors east of the venue)

Billy Budd's Restaurant & Lounge
9839 63 Ave NW (3 minute walk north of venue)

Bon Temps Cafe
223 2 Ave S (A few doors north of the venue)

Joanna's Cafe (in Marlborough Hotel)
331 Smith St (1 block west of the venue)



Jim "The Machman" Napier and Joey Lindstrom

Solana Beach

March 5, 2014


Kari Watson of Fast Forward Weekly told readers about the upcoming Calgary show.   The article tells readers that Gary is more than his well-known hit, and continues to be awesome.




Homage to The Aircrash Bureau called Hold It Down by Black Milk (Hat Tip: Paul of Cambridge)


Mark Gemini Thwait who'd recently played on Gary Numan's tour never received the call to join Numan on his Canadian tour, so it looks like Steve Harris will be on guitar for these dates.  (Hat Tip: Joey)




Coolest Vine vid ever


Have you ever wondered if Radio 2 or Radio 4 is better?  Do you have an out-of-control dog?  How do you keep your clothes so black after multiple washes?  What is the coolest instrument to learn?  Or who gets the stuff after a breakup?  Gary Numan gives us such Life Advice and more in a video released today by O2 Academy TV below (Hat Tip: Ian B.):





August 19, 2014


Gary Numan will play a tour of Canada in October and November during the time the band is over this way for the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas.  Union Events will be handling the Canadian leg of Numan's tour.  All Canadian tickets go on sale Friday, August 22 at 10:00 am MDT.  The dates, as they exist so far, are below:


October 29 - Vancouver Rickshaw Theatre - $32 - Show 8:00 pm - 19 and over

October 30 - Calgary Flames Central - $30 - Show 8:00 pm - 18 and over

October 31 - Edmonton Union Hall - $30 - Show 8:00 pm - 18 and over

November 1 - Saskatoon O'Brians Event Centre - $30 - Show 7:00 pm - All ages

November 3 - Winnipeg Garrick Centre - $30 - Show 7:00 pm - All ages



Spotted at the V Festival

August 17, 2014

Shared by Teresa P.



August 18, 2014


Great news!  I've just received confirmation from MVD that the new DVD From Inside - Gary Numan Special Edition (available for preorder below) - is indeed a region-free DVD, meaning it will play on any region's DVD player around the world.  I contacted Sales Representative David Kresge:


"Hello David,

That sounds great!  And thank you for the graphics.  Many of my readers (about half) are in the UK where Gary Numan is from.  After announcing this on my Facebook pages, I've been getting questions asking if the DVD is available in their Region 2 format as well?  Thanks again!

All the best and Numanishly,

Jim "The Machman" Napier

North American Gary Numan Fan Club



Hi Jim, not a problem… all of our exclusives including From Inside are Region 0 so they'll play on any region DVD player.


You're welcome! Let me know if you have any questions.


David Kresge

Sales Representative

MVD entertainment group
203 Windsor Rd

Pottstown, PA 19464



Picture shared online by Louise B.


The MVD Entertainment Group also asked me how I thought I vinyl edition of Gary Numan's "From Inside" soundtrack would go over?  They have already released vinyl versions from the Superbad and Blue Valentine soundtracks.  If there is enough interest for From Inside as well, they are totally into making a vinyl edition available too. What do you think?



Shared online by Martin L.


Rachel, Sales Manager from MVD also mentioned that they will have a hot scoop for me about another project involving Gary Numan.  I pondered that it must be the La Gargoule soundtrack that I announced Gary was working on, but they couldn't confirm anything yet.  But they will be confirming new Numan news to me soon!



Graphics and shared online by Mark K.


August 16, 2014


Major announcement!  I'm proudly excited to announce that the new DVD From Inside - Gary Numan Special Edition is now available for preorder exclusively on the NAGNFC!  The MVD Entertainment Group, who is the official distributor for the movie, has teamed up with the NAGNFC to help readers be the very first to preorder and have their DVDs shipped 2 weeks before the street date of October 21.  The movie will go on preorder to the general public on September 16.  Here is the promotional press kit sent to retailers:



The suggested retail price on the poster for the DVD is $14.95 plus tax.  But MVD told me I'm free to price these however I wanted.  I don't want to take advantage of my fellow Numan fans (I don't even have a donate link on this site!), so these are available for NAGNFC Readers at the special exclusive tax-free preorder price of $9.95.  I will include with every order one of the NAGNFC Business Cards I will be making available exclusively at Gary's London Hammersmith Show.


From Inside - Gary Numan Special Edition is region free so will play on any DVD player.  The DVDs will be shipped to the NAGNFC HQ two weeks before the release date, so will be on its way to your house from a week to a week and a half before the DVD will be available to the general public.


North American Customers can order here:

$9.95 + $5.00 shipping




UK Customers can order here:

£7.00 UK + £5.00 shipping




European Customers can order here:

€8 Euro  +  €6 shipping



Australian Customers can order here:

$11 Aus + $9 shipping



If you are unable to use PayPal, email me so we can make alternate plans.  Many thanks to MVD for helping me bring you this excellent deal for NAGNFC Readers!





Tubeway Army's Sean Burke of his new band Open Sores sent this to share with you



August 15, 2014


The much-awaited soundtrack to the movie From Inside - Gary Numan Special Edition will be out October 7 on Lakeshore Records in the USA.  You can preorder the CD with Gary and Ade's music now.  The track listing is below:




1. The Train
2. Wasteland
3. We Cross A Bridge Over Death
4. On A Red Lake
5. The Empty House
6. Memories Of Fire
7. Doody
8. So Many Bodies
9. Refinery
10. Crows
11. The Killing
12. My Part In This Is Over
13. Almost Inhuman
14. A Moment Of Reflection
15. Nothing Can Stop Us
16. The Cave In
17. A Dream About The Dirty-Faced Girl
18. The Little Fire Engine
19. Heaven And Hell
20. Leviathan
21. The End Of The World
22. Cee, The Light
23. Falling
24. Finding Him
25. The Bandaged Man
26. Into The Eternal Flames



Illustration and shared by Howard P.


The movie From Inside is a 71-minute animated feature by John Bergin, based on his epic graphic novel of the same name about a young pregnant woman lost in a post-apocalyptic world.  Bergin used to be in a band called Trust Obey, which was the first band signed to Trent Reznor's Nothing Records.  i09 called the film "Hauntingly beautiful".  The film was the Official Selection for the LEEDS International Film Festival.  It received an honorable mention from Poland's SOPOT Film Festival.  It's won many awards including Heartland Auteur Award at the Kansas City Film Festival, the Grand Prix Award at the UTOPIALES International Film Festival, Best Animated Feature at SITGES and First Feature at Fantasia.  The DVD will be available for preorder on September 16 for an October 21 release to the general public, but is available for preorder now through the NAGNFC (see above).  The MVD Entertainment Group, who are distributing the film, have been in touch with me to offer you special pricing through the NAGNFC site.  Stay tuned!



We truly live in an age of miracles!  One of my most oft-asked questions (after 'When is Gary touring next') is where can people get a hold of sheet music for Gary's songs.  Along comes an amazing site called Chordify.  They've already "chordified" Numan's Films.  As the song plays, you automatically see the chords as they flow and change in 4/4 time.  Awesome!  (Hat Tip: Paul of Cambridge)



Boston Paradise Rock Club

March 24, 2014


Ouch!  Pretty rough review of Gary's visit to South Florida in last week's edition of the Miami New Times.  Never mind the fact that Trent has said himself the incarnation of NIN's sound happened because of Numan's influence.  Still, it's almost fun to read a bad review these days, so we can appreciate even more the 99% of good Numan reviews that we're seeing in 2014.  (Hat Tip: Ian B.)



Thoughts are with Robin Williams' family who suffered their sudden tragic loss this week.  Behind all that talent was a man who suffered with the demons of depression.  As Gary Numan has made well known in many recent interviews, he too suffered through several years of deep depression as well.  Gary's struggle with those same demons are well-documented in his new album.  Thankfully for us all, Gary came through to the other side intact.  As we've learned all too well this week, some aren't as lucky.


XFM's EddyTM called his interview with Gary Numan astonishly raw and open.  It includes a track-by-track run through of the new album, which he called a masterpiece, including topics of depression, suicide, misery, drugs, despair and redemption.  EddyTM said the interview is the proudest moment of his broadcast career.  It will be replayed on his show again today.


  Gary's old friend Bill Nelson has just been nominated for a Wakefield Star from their City Council.  Bill accepted the nomination from the people of Wakefield, which is their version of Hollywood's Walk of Fame.  You can learn more about the Star Awards here.  (Hat Tip: Alec W.)  Bill said:


Earlier this evening I received an email from the department of Wakefield's City Council who are in charge of nominating people for a Wakefield Star Award. (These are very much like the stars that are laid into the pavement in Hollywood to honour an artist's career.)

Well, it seems that hundreds of people have contacted the Wakefield Stars organisation to nominate me and as a result I've been chosen to receive this year's star award which will be laid in the pavement somewhere in Wakefield's City Centre to honour my career as a musician. :shock:

As you know, I don't actively seek out this sort of public attention but, despite my reservations I have decided to accept the honour. ('Cos, you know, my mum would never have forgiven me if I'd declined... :wink: )

Previous recipients of the award are author Stan Barstow, sculptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth and conservationist Charles Waterton, so I'm in highly esteemed company.

I suspect that more than a few Dreamsville citizens have contacted Wakefield Council to nominate me for this award and just want to say a big 'THANK YOU' to all of you who may have helped to make this happen. I'm sincerely touched by your kindness. xxx



It was a long tour



August 5, 2014


Thanks to your help, Gary Numan has topped HTF Magazine's poll for their Indie Video of the Week!  The I Am Dust video has wielded victorious with a staggering 89.4% of the vote.  Take that Lewisburg!  Here's what HTF had to say about the development:


This week’s Indie Video Of The Week is Gary Numan’s ‘I Am Dust’. Taking home a whopping 89% of the vote, thanks largely to the amazing tweeting efforts of the Numanoids. 100′s of tweets were sent to drive up support for the video, taken from Numan’s ‘Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)’ album. The album represents another great album within Numan’s recent purple patch. You can read HTF’s recent interview with Numan here!



Shared by Barry L.

London 1993


The 1000TimesJeff Blog opines on Gary's Replicas, ending his treatise with a bittersweet review of Gary's show at the Solana Beach Belly Up Tavern!



Gary said: Before I had kids I flew real helicopters. Growing up sucks :) GN


Snewsi in Boston called Gary Numan a revolutionary pioneer who informed the styles of artists as varied as Marilyn Manson, Dave Grohl and Trent Reznor.  Who am I to argue?




Shared by van owner Numanoid Jeff! 


August 4, 2014


Gary's interview with Redbrick Magazine was released today.  Numan speaks with them about the makeup of fans at his shows, what his favorite Numan cover is, the writing process and whether he can retire on past successes.  Check it out on their site, or help yourself to the entire publication here.  Gary's interview is on page 18.



Listing of every musician that has played with Gary Numan, and how many times.

Interesting to see Cedric Sharpley still holding the #3 spot!

Thanks to Jeff Tolva of the Numan Discography for sharing this with us!


August 2, 2014


The much awaited film, From Inside, will be released this fall with music by Gary Numan and Ade Fenton.  The movie is done, the movie poster has been unveiled (far below) and the trailer has already been released.  The film's writer/director John Bergin granted Film Music Daily an interview about the movie poster.  (Hat Tip: Paul of Cambridge)




Another superb review for Gary's new video for I Am Dust appeared yesterday over at Something Else Reviews.  They called the video the transformation of Gary Numan from detached nihilism toward something just as dark but far more emotional — at once bathed in cynicism but desperately searching for connection  (Hat Tip: Ian B.):


If there is still no small amount of fatalism running just beneath the surface, “I Am Dust” makes it abundantly clear that Numan isn’t ready to give up. On love, maybe. On his career, certainly. He’s never been more vital, more engaging, and maybe more scary. It’s like discovering a statue that’s stood nearby for decades had something profound, something devastatingly candid, to say all along.



Tim Muddiman with Pop Will Eat Itself perform in Guy Fawkes masks

Stourbridge River Rooms

August 1, 2014


August 1, 2014 (continued)


Tim Muddiman is playing this evening with his band Pop Will Eat Itself at the Stourbridge River Rooms this evening, and at Camp Bestival tomorrow tonight.  He expressed his disappointment online over the cancellation of Alt-Fest. 



Tim Muddiman and his band Pop Will Eat Itself set up for tonight's gig

Stourbridge River Rooms

August 1, 2014


The organizers of Alt-Fest have made their final and definitive comments about the cancellation of their event, which was to include Gary Numan in two weeks time.  They detail the reasons for the cancellation, and how to get refunds.  Despite their best efforts and noble intentions, bad advice that caused this turn of events is going to bankrupt them:


It is with a heavy heart that we must confirm we have had to cancel Alt-Fest. We tried to put on a ground-breaking event for you & the alternative scene, and it... was your support that was helping to make it happen. From our early days on Kickstarter through to all of you who have purchased tickets we thank you. We the organisers of Alt-Fest have done everything we can to save it, but this week we ran out of time to raise all the required funds that was needed upfront of the festival. was your support that was helping to make it happen. From our early days on Kickstarter through to all of you who have purchased tickets we thank you. We the organisers of Alt-Fest have done everything we can to save it, but this week we ran out of time to raise all the required funds that was needed upfront of the festivalwas your support that was helping to make it happen. From our early days on Kickstarter through to all of you who have purchased tickets we thank you. We the organisers of Alt-Fest have done everything we can to save it, but this week we ran out of time to raise all the required funds that was needed upfront of the festival.was your support that was helping to make it happen. From our early days on Kickstarter through to all of you who have purchased tickets we thank you. We the organisers of Alt-Fest have done everything we can to save it, but this week we ran out of time to raise all the required funds that was needed upfront of the festival.

We also wish to apologise for the delay in releasing a formal statement cancelling the festival. We realise this has severely damaged our personal and professional reputations, we can only sincerely apologise for any additional stress and upset this has caused, we were honestly looking to act in your best interests.

We are very sorry to tell you that we have been advised to not reply to any individual comments or emails regarding the festival and instead make a comprehensive statement. It’s not how we like to do things, it feels wrong to walk off and let your questions, thoughts and opinions go unanswered. So we’ll try to answer them all briefly here.

We were doing very well for a first year festival. We sold over 7.5 thousand weekend tickets, and as you were aware we had a great line up with plenty going on. This however meant we had to pay for over half of all the band’s fees, with the remainder due just before & at the festival itself. Securing bands was not the only cost. The festival was going to cost £1,703,000 in total to put on, including artists, riders, travel, accommodation, production: power, staging, sound, lighting, track way, fencing, water, waste, the venue fee, security, medical assistance, traffic management, health & safety, marketing and much more. We ourselves and all of the Alt-Fest team have put in huge amounts of effort and time over the past two years and done everything within our power to make this work.

If we were to sell a minimum of another 1,000 tickets between now and the festival, we’d have suffered a significant loss that we couldn’t carry. This recently came to light based on a costing error explained below & inevitably down to the fact that the investor unfortunately pulled out last minute. We were expecting to sell more tickets based on our line-up, and if we had sold just 3000 tickets more then we would have been over the breakeven line, or if we could have deferred a percentage of our contractor’s payment, which they sadly were not prepared to do.

We thought our logic was sound and this was also backed by other promoters and people we respect in the music industry in general – Marilyn Manson can easily sell out a 5000 capacity venue, as can The Cult, Arch Enemy or Cradle of Filth. Then there’s the rest of the line-up plus the circus, steampunk, traders and art installations. Perhaps the people who would go to see them at a gig wouldn’t go to a 3 day festival, but they could still have bought day tickets and seen some of the 60-odd bands on that day as well as the headliners, and bring their kids along for free too – we are still trying to understand why we haven’t sold more tickets despite the offering & energy that has gone into it.

We’ve also been contending with a costing error made and ultimately poor advice in the early stages by a company who were supposed to help us work out what the festival would cost to put on. Coupled with the fact that in order for us to compete against the larger festivals then we had to put in very strong offers to be listened to by the agents & hence secure the talent. Additionally during the latter planning stages we were forced to move our main arena, through no fault of our own. This caused many extra costs that further increased the budget upfront of the event.

We have held continuous meetings and tried for months to secure investment & had genuine interest to cover this shortfall from individuals, investment firms and equity funding companies. Whilst there was every likelihood of this happening due to the positive feedback we were receiving, it was this week that our last option had run out. This was mainly because they didn’t understand the festival market or the alternative scene. We even tried, as a last resort to save the festival for you all, going to the corporations that dominate the music and festival industry to offer an ownership over the event to ensure it’s facilitated for our customers, but to no avail. We had exhausted all options but please know that we did everything within our power to make this happen.

We even looked at how we could make it to the festival and then recover this year’s loss from next year’s sales to get back on track. Unfortunately, we can’t manage that either because of the way the festival industry and its operators are prone to work. We would have to pay all the contractors before they even come on site to build the festival – they all want the full fee upfront due to the state of the market. We also had the remainder of band deposits to make up before and at the event. We just could not raise all the money needed upfront to continue, nor offset it against any revenue coming after the event – bar, car parking revenue as examples.

We are so, so deeply sorry, it’s awful to think of all the people who bought a ticket in good faith, who booked travel, some from the other side of the world. We massively appreciate the support you have shown, especially all the people who championed and defended us.

We do want you to know though, that it was never a scam or a con. We tried to do something new and different for you and the alternative scene, which was not easy. We have not gone on any exotic holidays or feathered our own nest, in fact exactly the opposite. We did not embezzle the money, or spend it recklessly, we used it to secure some of those great bands we had in the line-up, who required considerable deposits, and other aspects of the event as previously mentioned. We intended to make it an exciting event that would be enjoyed by every single one of you who supported us, so that we could grow even more in future years. Those of you who know us, we work tirelessly to put on excellent events. We never expected it to turn out this way and tried desperately to stop it from happening. However we could have done with better costing advice at the start and stronger ticket sales in this final period to get us through to the event.

We feel we have let the alternative community down, this saddens us immensely & the process we are about to go through is going to bankrupt us, which as I’m sure you can imagine adds huge strain on us as people & as a family.

It is just simply awful and we can only thank those of you who have shown us kindness and endless support, especially now in our most testing hour.

To claim a refund on your tickets, please look carefully at the following list, and at your email confirmation, to ensure you claim a refund from the correct retailer.

Festival Tickets via Amazon = Amazon Local are contacting their customers direct and processing refunds now.
Festival tickets, Dismembership and addons (car parking etc) purchased through our website via clubtickets.com = by email at helpdesk@clubtickets.com
Festival Tickets via Festickets = direct with them festicket.com

Dismembership purchased through our webshop (with glamping/merch in) = contact Paypal to a raise a dispute.
Glamping purchased through our webshop (with merch etc in, NOT the same as the ticket page)= contact Paypal to raise a dispute
Viewing platform = contact Paypal to raise a dispute
Tangerine Fields = direct with them
Big Green Coach are contacting all of their customers directly with advice on refunds. Refunds will be issued automatically.
Now that we have had to cancel the festival we need to take steps to place the Company into Liquidation and we want to express our deepest regrets to the artists and to thank all our staff, suppliers and contractors who worked so hard with us.

Our deepest & sincerest apologies go out to you.
Missy and Dom




Hello to the Numanoids of the World!  Jim "The Machman" Napier here and kind of glad I decided against going to the Alt-Fest since the event is hosed.  I never did get my ticket refunded from the cancelled Dresden show, as the Ticketmaster site I purchased it from is in German!  Any of my German readers care to assist me with that (hint hint)?  Anyway, lots going on the world of Gary Numan, so rock and roll!



Photo: Karl V.


The promoters of Alt-Fest have broken their silence after the NAGNFC was one of the first four sources on the internet to declare the festival fully dead two days ago.  Tweets poured in by impressed twitterers:


Previous tweet acclaim to , more reliable info from across the pond than here in UK!@thethoughtcrims


 Yesterday, Gary Numan removed the reference to his Alt-Fest appearance on his Official Facebook Page and also announced the cancellation:


Sad to say Alt-Fest is cancelled & fans should be able to get refunds from points of purchase. That's all we know right now. GN


Also yesterday, the word came from official promoters Missy and Dom, apologizing for their silence.  They told everyone to be patient until the weekend when they can finally answer questions.


We at Alt-Fest HQ would like to sincerely apologise for our silence over the last 24 hours. Currently we are working all hours to deal with some extremely challenging & stressful issues for Alt-Fest. We will be able to provide an official statement with full information before Monday and answer any questions you may have at that time. We want you to know that we have been doing everything we can to take the right steps for you: our fans, friends & customers - we assure you we only have your best interests at heart.
Missy and Dom



Shared online by Yvonne C.



Roman Remains pays homage to their friend Numan in the new video for their song Stacycardia.


Gary needs your help!  HTF Magazine is holding a poll for their Video of the Week.  In the running is Numan's new I Am Dust video.  At first the competition was stiff.  Suzerain's video for Dark Dark was leading Gary's video in the poll, but after the scary monstrous Numanoid social media machine revved into gear, there was no stopping us.  Of the four videos, Numan's I Am Dust is now in the lead with a staggering 88% of the vote.  But everyone only gets one vote, so you can help keep the momentum going and help Our Friend Electric today!  After I took to Twitter to say there's nothing Numanoids can't do, I received an official reply from Suzerain to say:


hey, we were winning that for a while! :o/


After I told them I really did like their video and music as well they replied with kind comments for the video that was winning the contest:


cheers! We're also fans of - we played with him a while back. He's slain us with the video, it is damn good tho...



The Webb clan enjoy dinner last week


Time to take the wayback machine to 2012 for this amazing Telegraph article by Georgia Dehn!  She takes us around Gary's UK home just before he moved here as he reveals the different items they come across.  Pictures are included as he shows her treasured baby items the saved from the girls, a large model Numanair plane Gary kept, and even the propeller from Gary's Cessna 210 that crashed in Botley.  (Hat Tip: Paul in Cambridge)


Behind The Scenes of Numan x Officers, 'Petals' from InkBlot Films on Vimeo.


Holy mackeral!  This guy is asking 9 euros each for his Numan photos from Sonisphere this summer!  If you're still after them, here is the link.  I've received a few offers to purchase my photos, but I've always said that pictures were made to be seen, well the ones I take at least.  But I still get notes all the time that some kind of book should be created of the pictures that I took on the Splinter Tour.  I'm now leaning toward making one available, if only to give to Gary at the Hammersmith show in November, and possibly to make available here as well.  I'd probably call it The 2014 Rust, Photography & Soul, The God Film or The Machman Meets the Machines.  Stay tuned!  (Hat Tip: Ian B.)



Brisbane Tivoli

May 27, 2014

Photography: John Gullidge


Here's an article George Varda, from the UT in San Diego, did with Gary Numan in advance of his show there this year.  Gary revealed that he'd recently fell out with his parents. (Hat Tip: Ian B.)



Soundsphere Magazine unleashed their video interview with Gary Numan in July from the Preston 53 Degrees venue (below in two parts)!  Gary confirms the news I've reported here about Gary's US Tour in October and reveals the surprising meaning behind My Last Day.  The plan so far is to begin in Seattle and work his way around to Austin.  Gary describes the fact his accountant declared him broke twice in the last 12 months (well before playing more than 40 successful shows this year alone I'm sure!). (Hat Tip: Ian B.)






Speaking of Preston, here is a review of Gary's Preston show in the Lancashire Evening Post.  A great review by Malcolm Wyatt and his style of writing was a treat to read.  They even treat us to a clip from the performance.  More of Malcolm's interview ended up in the Leyland Guardian.  This private blog echoes the sentiments of Malcolm's but adds some more cool Preston pics from the evening.  (Hat Tip: Ian B.)



Absolute Music announced the winner of the Numan-signed Mininova synthesizer at the Bournemouth O2 Academy.  Garry Robson, who did backing vocals on the original Conversations song, was there as well as Matt Jessup and his friends to play classic tracks as fans walked inside, and provided entry forms for the synth.  Garry provided the SM9 monitors for the event, and their impressive music was amazing to behold upon entering the venue.  (Hat Tip: Ian B.)



The winner!



Matt Jessup gives impromptu lessons



Garry Robson, Gary Numan, Matt Jessup

Bournemouth O2 Academy

June 30, 2014


Gary spoke with the Manchester Union about a range of topics, including his Saturday Night Live appearance, his contribution to new wave and how fame has affected him (Hat Tip: Ian B.):


It was pretty overwhelming when it first happened. It was very sudden and I became globally massive almost overnight. It’s a lot to take in and you can only adapt to such huge changes over time. These days I can barely remember what it was like before the success, I’ve been doing this my entire adult life so I don’t know another way. I don’t think it’s affected me that much at all though to be honest. I’m very grounded, very down to earth. I have no diva in me, I’m polite, I don’t expect anyone to run around for me, I treat everyone fairly, I just think of myself as being very lucky; just that, lucky, not special. There are so many pop stars and rock stars and great songwriters and performers, we really are a very disposable thing. So many people can do what we do, we should never think of ourselves as being special because we’ve been lucky enough to sell a few records now and then.



Original Tubeway Army poster shared online by Gary C. 


James Nuttall of the Yorkshire Evening Post scored an exclusive interview with Gary in advance of his Holmfirth show.  Gary is optimistic about the future given the unprecedented way he says he has been able to throw his emotions into his songwriting on the last album. (Hat Tip: Ian B.)




Gary revealed his author of choice to Port Magazine.  Numan has been reading lots of prose by British fantasy author Adrian Tchaikovsky and tells them why.  (Hat Tip: Ian B.) 




Oxford Apollo

September 20, 1985

Shared online by Stephen R. 


The Devon Local News reported on the fact that Gary twittered about naked cyclists he saw riding past him there in Exeter!  I remember he told us that he understood that it was all in fun.  But as a Dad, Gary was also concerned for the children who'd also witnessed the spectacle.  (Hat Tip: Ian B.)



Gary Numan and James Freud in the studio producing their collaborative album

Australia 1980

Shared online by Karen L. 


The headline read Electric Pioneer Brings Festival Set To Intimate Stage in the Western Morning News in Exeter.  They included kind words to get everyone juiced up for the show there (Hat Tip: Ian B.):


There’s a dark, theatrical and grandiose underbelly to this 22nd LP, underlined by the dusty steampunk look Gary adopts for the accompanying imagery, but the man can still pen a catchy melody and does a glorious line in thundering riffs and soaring chorus lines.

Shared online by David


A very cool, informed and honest review of Gary's visit to the Cambridge Junction by Teresa Elfein appeared in Slate the Disco.  Teresa also gave Roman Remains the best review of theirs I'd ever seen.  (Hat Tip: Ian B.)



Shared online by Tonia F. 


Gary's pal and admirer John Foxx received an honorary doctorate from Edge Hill University.  The Lancashire Evening Post was all over it!  (Hat Tip: Alec W.)



Gary calms his nerves in the moments before his first major show 

Glasgow Apollo

September 20, 1979 


A fascinating interview with Source Direct was posted yesterday in The Quietus.  Did you know Martin Gore bought many of Gary Numan's original synthesizers?  Apparently, Gore even bought the synth that Gary created his biggest hit upon.



Advertisement for Gary's show from the American I, Assassin Tour


Shared online by: Anita S.  


I've always been a fan of Alan Cross and his programs on CFNY in Toronto.  So nice to see him giving Gary's new video props on his site A Journal of Music Things.  The Antiquiet site also gave their props to the new I Am Dust video:


Still swathed in darkness, Gary Numan seems to be enjoying his late-career resurgence, and rightfully so. His live shows are charged with fire and vitality, and his twentieth studio album, Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind), was among the best albums of 2013, in addition to being a refreshingly candid musical confessional.  Having replaced his highly innovative, alien guise for a more humanized persona, Numan’s music has become bleaker but less concealed. The dark and luminous I Am Dust provides a great illustration of Numan’s sharp turn from hesitant humanoid hiding behind machines to unabashed cynic in search of more. The music swells with fatalism, the lyrics cry out, and the newly released video, directed by another of Numan’s musical descendants, IAMX, romanticizes these black palettes to an even greater extent.



Shared online by Tonia F. 


  The new video has also received major props from the likes of Fourculture, Supajam, Hellhound Music, Digital Spy, Stereoboard, Fame Magazine, Renowned For Sound, IMBDv, Metal Newz, JJ Thomas Radio and Loop Orbit.




Shared online by David C. 


I'll be at the DEVOtional DEVO fan convention in two weeks where an auction will be held for original band member Bob Casale's family.  Sadly, Bob passed away this year.  The auction will be held at the Beachland Ballroom, where Gary Numan played this year, as part of many other events for the DEVO fans there.



Bob Casale, Gary Numan and Jerry Casale

KCRW Studios

October 10, 2013

Photography: Brian Applegate


One of my favorite sites is A Comprehensive Gary Numan Discography.  The updates are quite extensive with the latest version of the discography.  My friend Jeff Tolva has assembled extensive details, confirmed by multiple sources of Gary's earliest music career (i.e. Mean Street, The Lasers, Tubeway Army).  Most of these details are at the top of the Touring section of the discography, but he's also added a lot of new details around The Roxy 1977 bootleg album as well as the White Light / White Heat 7" bootleg single.  I personally use Jeff's site as a reference almost daily.



Rare album with Gary Numan

Shared online by Min S. 


Great review of the Leamington Spa show over at Gigjunkies.  My friend Michelle Griffin, who picked me up at Heathrow despite having just flown in from Ireland for that Numan show, does the review.  And my friend Ian Dunn from Principle Photography provides his always excellent photos for your viewing pleasure.  (Hat Tip: Ian D.)



Boston Paradise Rock Club

Jim "The Machman" Napier on the left taking photos for the NAGNFC

March 24, 2014

Shared with the NAGNFC by photographer Jonathan R. 


Thanks to everyone who believed in the NAGNFC cause and helped out this month with pictures and news.  Thanks to Stefan Jungklaus in Germany for his graphics, to Paul of Cambridge for his stunningly amazing Numan spottings, Ian B. for his consistently informative links, everyone who sent me pics for the NAGNFC Picture Pages (will be included soon!), and everyone else for taking the time to make this issue of the NAGNFC tres' cool!



Rare photo of Gary and entourage

New Zealand

May 22, 2014 


I'll be busy this month.  I start out in Canada to see my favorite female singer, then the following week I'm off to the DEVOtional DEVO convention in Cleveland.  The following week I'll be in the west coast following the Men Without Hats tour, then I'm off to the Arctic to spend time off the grid and watching northern lights.  No rest for this Machman! 


'Til next time!


                                Jim "The Machman" Napier




Catherine O. and Jim "The Machman" Napier

Brisbane Tivoli

May 27, 2014




Stefan "Numanhuman" Jungklaus and Jim "The Machman" Napier

Berlin Imperial Club

February 18, 2014 




Jim "The Machman" Napier and Tim Prentice

Atlanta Masquerade

October 25, 2013






    Meeting fans before the show

    Manchester Ritz

    December 8, 2011






    Gary Numan and Jim "The Machman" Napier and Gary Numan

    Detroit Majestic Theatre

    July 31, 2006 








    The "Big G", Jim "The Machman" Napier, Gary Numan, Mark Darmofal

    The Spa, New York City

    AAApril 18, 2001




    August/September 2013


    Chapter 1  Sacramento Ace of Spades

    Chapter 2  Eugene WOW Hall

    Chapter 3  Vancouver Fortune Sound Club

    Chapter 4  Seattle Bumbershoot Music Lounge

    Chapter 5  Portland Wonder Ballroom

    Chapter 6  Oakland Metro Opera House

    Chapter 7  Santa Ana Observatory