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Breaking News


February 18, 2015


Sad news to report.  Steve Strange has unexpectedly passed away on Thursday at the age of 55.  Numan's fans initially took the news with disbelief, but as major news sources confirmed the worst, it became clear that it was true and Steve was gone.



Steve Strange's first band was a punk outfit called The Moors Murderers in 1976.  This early band included Chrissy Hynde from The Pretenders, who'd also worked with DEVO's Mark Mothersbaugh in his first band, Satsun Mat.  In 1979, Steve formed Visage with Rusty Egan and Midge Ure.  Visage's best known song, Fade to Grey, was co-written by Numan alumnus Billy Currie and Chris Payne.  Numan wrote about Steve in War Songs.




How "Strange" that on the final night of the Splinter Tour, I mentioned to Gary the new drummer for Dramatis was going to be Steve Strange, to which he seemed really surprised.  Later that evening I'd realized my mistake, and corrected myself, telling him it was going to be Rusty Egan.



Steve Strange



Mark in the UK wrote me to let you know about a special Steve Strange Tribute he will air tonight, February 18, on BRFM 95.6 at 7 pm GMT (2 pm EST).  If you're not in England, you can tune in here or here.  Mark will be playing a very rare track from Steve Strange you probably haven't heard.  Both Pete and Mark will be recounting their memories and good times with Steve while playing some of the best music from the New Romantic period.  (Hat Tip: Mark F.)  Mark also says:


Text audio during show on 07510984001.  Let's get as many fans sharing their memories of Steve. They can also tweet @dadscantdance



Shared by Scott R.





Hello to the Numanoids of the World!  Jim "The Machman" Napier here to bring you the latest Numan news, sightings, pictures and surprises with the help of insiders and friends in the NAGNFC Numan community around PlanetNuman!  Lots of news, magazine articles, and new pictures this month.  Please enjoy them!



This was originally going to be at the Hard Rock in Las Vega$ first, but is now at the Hard Rock in Lake Tahoe.  The exhibition is scheduled to tour Hard Rocks around the world


As Numanoids of the World put the last-minute touches on their trips to see Gary Numan's show at the Royal Festival Hall in London next month, Gary's parents Beryl and Tony Webb are enjoying time with their son in Los Angeles.  They spent time last weekend at Griffiths Park, which boasts great views of the city, a zoo, hiking trails and the famous Griffiths Observatory.



Beryl, Tony, Persia and Echo Webb

Griffiths Park Mini Railway

February 9, 2015


Gary's song Love Hurt Bleed was featured once more on American primetime television.  This time the show that used Numan's music is called Forever.  The show is about a 200 year old man who works in New York City's morgue trying to find a key to unlock the curse of his immortality.  Love Hurt Bleed was used on the most recent episode (Season 1, Episode 14) of Forever called Hitler on the Half-Shell.  In the episode, a murder opens the door to a horde of Nazi secrets and the return of an old enemy.  (Hat Tip: Mark H.)



Gary Numan: "Never take a nap near a 200lb dog. You'll wake to find yourself being loved, and crushed, to near death. "

Gemma Webb: "with lovely wilbur.xx smotherly love."


Billy Corgan revealed his Top 10 depressing songs in the latest issue of Mojo magazine.  One of them was by a Mr. Gary Numan!



Gemma: "Wilbur was a hit with park folk....as usual!"

Los Angeles Echo Park

February 5, 2015 


Anticipation is building for Gary's show at the Royal Festival Hall in London next month.  The VIP Meet-and-Greet option sold out the day they went on sale.  There will definitely be a support band, yet as of today the band has yet to be named.



Photo shared by Karen 



Gary's management and Jean Michel-Jarre at the Webb home last week


Myra in France kindly sent her English translation of her article in Obsküre Magazine.  The article featured her review of Gary Numan's London Hammersmith show, complimented by pictures from myself and our friend Louise Barnes.  As far as I know, Myra's review of the show, the new Classic Pop mag, and my NAGNFC Review, are the only three full reviews from that historic show (maybe someone can correct me on this?).  Much thanks to Myra for the meticulous work involved in providing us with this English translation!  Here is the PDF of the entire review.



A NAGNFC Exclusive picture!

Sent to me to share with you by Andy S.

The picture is with Andy's wife whose father was working on Numan's plane

Exeter Airport



The Guardian takes us in their time machine, all the way back to 1979.  That year, they interview a young new musician on the scene named Gary Numan.  Tubeway Army was only two years old.  (Hat Tip: Adrian L.)



Jimmy M. sent this pic of his new Numan tattoo to share with you guys. Looking awesome Jimmy!




Gemma Webb: "1981 wembley leather jumpsuit......i just couldnt squeeze my norks in anymore!!"


Gemma Webb: "me n hubby @garynuman who wore it better.????? xxxxx"


I'm getting enthusiastic letters every day asking about the book 'Pictures From a Broken Mind'.  It's official! I have a new American publisher in San Francisco whose enthusiasm for the book is infectious, and her professional approach is encouraging. So YAY for all of us! The book is back on track!  We're using some pretty fancy collaboration tools which is making it easier to communicate and share thoughts and ideas in real time.  The term "All the sweeter with the waiting" comes to mind.  Details forthcoming on preorder and release dates! 



Portland Roseland Theater

October 26, 2014

Photography: Jim "The Machman" Napier


Speaking of "sweeter with the waiting", the brand new Gary Numan From Inside vinyl took longer to mail to everyone who ordered one through the NAGNFC than I would've preferred.  Especially after the NAGNFC was able to make the From Inside DVD available to everyone before its release date.  The last of the vinyl was mailed last week.  To help compensate my customers for the extra wait, I've included quite a special surprise keepsake from the 2014 Splinter Tour with every order.  It is a Limited Edition of 100, not for sale anywhere, and will give you a couple hours of Numanish enjoyment.  Enjoy with my compliments!


Gary Numan: "Out posed by an 11 year old. Raven showing me how it's done :)"

Gemma Webb:  "omg!!!!!!!!! Ravens exactly the same as her daddy.xx"


My friend Karl 'Kalkulus' Heard has sent some news and video my way to share with you.  It was recently 35 years to the day the John Foxx performed Underpass on 'Top of the Pops'.  Foxx and Numan have been a huge influence on Karl's music, and that has been reflected in the many covers of both artists in his own work.  Karl celebrates both artists the best way he knows how, in music and film.  I highly recommend this tease of the next sound & vision from Karl from the upcoming album Random below (even my good friend Caz Kikazz is in it):




In the last NAGNFC update, Gary was quoted on the Spectrasonics website gushing praise.  Numan was spotted last month at their display at the NAMM show, which ran January 22-25 in Anaheim, California and features buyers and exhibitors from around the world. 






Thanks to everyone whose encouragement and enthusiasm made this issue of the NAGNFC one of the best ever!  Your tireless devotion to the cause is inspiring!  You are all superstars!  See everyone at the London show in March! 


'Til next time!


                           Jim "The Machman" Napier


Jim "The Machman" Napier, Gary Numan, Liz

Pomona Glasshouse

October 23, 2014

Photography: Tim Eilers




Breaking News


January 13, 2015


The book isn't even out yet, and already my London Hammersmith photos of Gary Numan and Gang of Four have been published!  Posted today on the front page of the Obskure Magazine site with one of my pictures from the article, Myra provides the first major review of the London show to appear in print since the NAGNFC Review!  It is a privilege to have my Hammersmith photos included in such a great review of the London show!  Myra said the magazine loved my pics and she promised to fully translate her review for those of us in the USA and the UK!  Thanks Myra!  (Hat Tip: Marc P. in France)



Shared by Stefan in Germany!


Gary Numan accidentally called the fire department to his home last Wednesday.  It seems Gary is still becoming familiar with his iPad controlled houses.  He called the incident the result of clumsiness.  These days Gary and Gemma are celebrating Gemma's birthday by spending a couple of days away from home at the Madonna Inn and touring Hearst Castle.  The castle is a state historical monument in San Simeon once owned by William Randolph Hearst.  Nearby, Gary said they could see zebras grazing with cows alongside the road.  It's the least Gary could do for Gemma after she suffered a nasty burn as she was making Christmas dinner for the Webb family.



Happy Birthday Gemma!

Madonna Inn

January 12, 2015



Madonna Inn

January 12, 2015


My friend and prominent Numanoid Karl Heard, also known as Kalkulus, has been creating quite the stir doing non-stop radio and press, even some TV.  It is the 30th Anniversary of the Sinclair C5, a small electric vehicle reminiscent of Gary Numan's ride during the song Down In The Park from the original Teletour in 1980.  Since Karl has always owned one, he wrote a song about it.  This has brought him attention from the British Press, who have been covering everything else he's been doing.  He is making his song Kraftwerking C5 available for free on Reverb Nation until the Sinclair Rockumentary.  Even BBC Radio are covering Karl's jaunt into London past the cities' most famous landmarks, performing the C5 song live at various points along the route.  And yes, appropriate for the occasion, Karl will even be performing a cover of Cars, except the lyrics will be changed to "Here in My C5"!  So good luck to you, Karl!  Sounds like you're going to have a blast!!



Madonna Inn

January 12, 2015



From the view of their room

Madonna Inn

January 11, 2015


All signs point to the fact that Numan's show at the prestigious London Royal Festival Hall will sell out.  Fans have been talking about the venue and its interesting history.  Gary would be interested to know that it's original heating system was provided by a compressor, driven by an adapted Spitfire WWII plane engine, to draw heat from the water in the River Thames.  (Hat Tip: Keith E.)



Royal Festival Hall in the background

Scene from the movie The Vicious Circle which include some interior scenes as well

John Mills and Lionel Jeffries



Spectrasonics has released the latest version of their virtual synthesizer called Omnisphere.  On their main Omnisphere page, there is a sidebar with quotes from magazines and artists.  At the very top of them all is Gary Numan, who says "Omnisphere - best thing ever".  (Hat Tip: Tim D.)



Special message from Gary in his backyard for Caroline Stone's 50th birthday last week


The presenter of XFM's Big Drive Home radio show, Colin Fitz, has been a presence on the radio for 23 years.  He wrote me to let you know about a Swag article he appeared in.  They asked him what his favorite Top 10 Albums were.  Gary Numan's Dance came in at #9!  (Hat Tip: Colin in Malta)


It is the album I always go back to when I want to sit back and enjoy some soothing, analogue electronic sounds, coupled with lyrics about broken relationships and dealing with the strange situations that life periodically throws at us. Far from the poppy appeal and memorable riffs of 'Cars', Numan's most famous song, it features some long, experimental electro-pop-funk hybrids that I find very appealing.



The mysterious Gamecat235 has been shouting online about Gary Numan and all the songs everyone should hear!  He endeavors to share his knowledgeable enthusiasm for Numan with others who may not be familiar with Gary.  And judging from the comments, he has succeeded brilliantly!  Well done Gamecat235!



Gemma and Gary Webb



The NAGNFC link to order Gary Numan's From Inside 2LP soundtrack at my special distributor discount is now closed.  Thanks to the many around the world who ordered one.  One guy in the UK ordered four!  I think it will go down as one of Gary Numan's rarest and most sought-after albums!  Many thanks to David from Official Distributor MVD for helping me get the LP and the DVD out to the Numanoids of the World for a great price!





Australian ad for Helikon-Tex Brand UTP camogrom trousers using Numan's music

(Hat Tip: Peter M. in Australia)


Many thanks to the NAGNFC Readers who suggested alternate routes I could take to make the much-awaited book Pictures From a Broken Mind a reality.  I've narrowed your suggestion down to a very short list, and production will begin really soon now.  Even people who do this sort of a thing for a living have offered their services and support!  Your enthusiasm and encouragement is inspiring!  After seeing my pictures, no less than 20 people purchased my exact model camera, including Gemma Numan and tour manager David Dupuis!  Even at the Hammersmith show, Stefan Jungklaus from Germany showed me the new camera he bought after seeing on the NAGNFC what it was capable of!  Especially impressive was official word from Sony thanking me for moving so many of their cameras after a reader thought I deserved some recognition and let them know!  And really impressive so many were inspired to get one of their own.  With 350 dpi pics, a 1" CMOS sensor, built-in wifi, Carl Zeiss lens, a hotshoe and pop-out video screen, the thing wasn't cheap!  I doubt the venues I brought it into would've been okay with it if they knew what it could do.  I told everyone on tour that it was my "James Bond camera", looking so unassuming but capable of DSLR quality.  Look for Pictures From a Broken Mind from 60 of Numan's shows in 2014 at a bookstore and website near you in April 2015!



Shared by Mark K.


Los Angeles rock band Wand announced their new album and tour on Friday.  They told Soundblab one of their biggest influences is Gary Numan.  The new album Golam is due March 17.



Los Angeles




January 12, 2015


A mere 4 hours to go before the NAGNFC link to order Gary Numan's 'Here Inside' soundtrack on 2-LP gatefold vinyl disappears forever! Official Distributor MVD based their number made on the amount of original NAGNFC preorders, so there likely won't be too many extra, if any.


UPDATE: The NAGNFC links to order Gary Numan's 'From Inside' 2LP gatefold vinyl with over 70 minutes of music is now closed. Thanks to the many Numanoids of the World who ordered one of the rarest Official Numan vinyl releases ever!


January 9, 2015


Great news for those who ordered the gatefold vinyl limited edition Gary Numan soundtrack album From Inside!  MVD, the official distributor, is shipping them to me at your special NAGNFC price on Monday so I can ship them to you worldwide!  I've included links for what will likely be everyone's final chance to order this high-quality Numan release!  These links will disappear Monday morning at 11:00 am EST when I will place all final orders for this very limited Official Numan release.  According to David from MVD:


"This will sell out soon, so reordering probably won't be possible. Thanks Jim!"


UPDATE: The NAGNFC links to order Gary Numan's 'From Inside' 2LP gatefold vinyl with over 70 minutes of music is now closed. Thanks to the many Numanoids of the World who ordered one of the rarest Official Numan vinyl ever!




North American Customers can order the 2xLP soundtrack here

$22.99 + $5.99 shipping:



UK Customers can order the 2xLP soundtrack here
£15.99 UK +
£5.99 shipping:



European customers can order the 2xLP soundtrack here
€17.99 Euro  +  €6.99 shipping:



Australian Customers can order the 2xLP soundtrack here
$25.99 + $10.99 shipping:




Pictures From a Broken Mind

Photography: Tony Webb

Shared by: Keith E.


January 5, 2015


Artrocker features a fascinating interview with Gary Numan's manager Marc Sellis.  Did you know Marc performed on Later with Jools Holland and David Letterman?  Or that he played to a sold out Hollywood Bowl?  Or that he was in The Duke Spirit who later became Roman Remains?  Read about all that and more!  (Hat Tip: Paul of Cambridge)



Convergence have sold out of their RFH tickets, but you can still score balcony and rear stall tix at Southbank Centre.


Gary's old friend Bill Sharpe has a couple of interesting items listed on eBay.  They are the actual jacket and suit worn on the cover of the Automatic album.  Quite reasonable at £50 and £100 respectively.  You've got a good shot at them.  So far there is only 1 bid on the jacket.  (Hat Tip: Howard P.)



"With the Pod at Disneyland. Believe it or not, that dubious thing in her hand is the remains of an Olaf the Snowman balloon. GN"


A very interesting read over at the Fred Perry's blog Subculture who scored an exclusive interview with Gary Numan.  They speak about his early days, the concepts behind Replicas, the weirdest place Gary ever heard his music, and future projects such as a possible album with an unnamed collaborator and another project involving pet coffin toys he is trying to get off the ground.



Shared by Simon J.


Roger Mason, who performed on Dance and I, Assassin, has done the score for a recently aired Australian drama series called The Code.  And his stuff sounds extremely Numanish!  You can sample all the tracks on iTunes, and luckily there is a soundtrack available for his excellent new music.  (Hat Tip: Denise B. in Australia)




Created for us by Stefan from Germany


Stuart Fairhurst asked me to let you know about his new 2 DVD set containing called Reflections of an Electric Life containing tons of hi-def photos.  Disc 1 features 240 pictures from 2006-1013 in slideshow format lasting 1 hour.  Disc 2 are the photos without the slideshow.  The DVDs are a limited edition of 100 and are professionally printed.  £15 includes recorded delivery.  Presently working on a book as I am, Stuart had asked me about any copyright issues, but I told him he was clear for takeoff since the photos were his as a self-employed and independent contractor.  Questions can be asked at his PayPal address: crazier@blueyonder.co.uk.  He sent me some sample photos to share with you:




Access released a patch (a sound program) for the Virus Ti.  It's a simulation of the Vox Humana sound.  It is free for registered users.  They billed it as the string ensemble from Gary Numan's Cars.  (Hat Tip: Joeri P.)



Judge Rinder has been a huge success in the UK.  He is the UK's answer to Judge Judy.  Rinder talks about some of the cases in Digital Spy, including a case involving three Gary Numan cassettes.  (Hat Tip: Brian H.)




A good case for a Numan Tour in Japan.  Do it Gary!  I'd love to see Japan!

 Techno Bros. cover of Airlane (jump to 3:56)



The hugely anticipated book Pictures of a Broken Mind will be released by a different publisher.  I've extended every courtesy asked of me, and appeased every request.  But in the end, it wasn't enough.  I've never done anything on this scale before, releasing a book to a worldwide audience who've written incredibly kind comments about my photos and literally demanded the release of this book.  So more transparency throughout the process would have been nice, or more understanding when I say something about the book on the NAGNFC he doesn't like.  I would've been happy to upon request.  I'm not out to create enemies.


I really tried to smooth things over.  For the last couple of days, I've referred the many questions I receive about the book to him to appease the complaint I've been getting it wrong.  I previously said numerous times that I would do this in the interest of 'truthiness' without any complaint from him.  But I've now been told the plug has been pulled for a week, and he has moved on to another project, until I can atone for my sins and beg him to continue.  If it was an issue for me to refer questions, a rational person more interested in the project would have asked me not to, after any one of the four times I said I would.  So despite my best attempts, and continued subservience to his demands, my former publisher has sabotaged the project and deleted the book from his computer, even though I said:


I'll continue to put things in your hands with reservation and trepidation borne from operating like this, counter to any method I've ever applied as a means to an end.


He had this grand vision to make this artsy-fartsy book for art galleries.  I just wanted to create a fun book in the silly spirit that has carried the NAGNFC for over 25 years.  But in the end, not even the quality of the photos seemed to matter to my publisher.  Raw photos can sometimes look pale, even greyish.  I wanted to go through the photos to improve them before they went to print.  It's really the difference between looking like you're in the room with Gary, or looking washed out.  Despite a promise that I could improve the photos in the book before they went to print, I later received a stunning profanity-laced message complaining how he missed Christmas to find the few good photos in my collection to use in the book, and that I "just go on and on how I can alter brightness and contrast" in a photo, and how no other publisher is capable of the professional service to go through all those photos.  Well, I did, every time I update the NAGNFC from the tour road, I scan through hundreds of pictures to pick the best to include on NAGNFC updates, leaving some of the best ones a secret for the upcoming book.


And I never went on and on about my ability to alter brightness and contrast.  I was merely asking for his promise to be fulfilled that I could do this.  But he would rather the pictures stayed grey and pale, and break that promise.  Other things he said that I did, but didn't, include:


** Mention that I was paying him for his services.  I never once said that and challenged him to point out where I said this.  In fact, I told him from Day One that I wanted the book to be of such high quality, that we'd make no profit.  He rallied against that idea, insisting to be remunerated for his services.  I guess it's only okay if he says it.  Although I never did, and have received no apology for the false accusation. So out of his admitted anger over my perceived slight:


** He intentionally deleted the 60 tour notes of nearly 7000 words I literally stayed up all night writing.  Though I said I would have the tour notes to him by the weekend, he asked me each and every day.  To let him know I didn't forget about it, I said I had to mail more "From Inside" DVDs and work on the late NAGNFC January update, but that I am a man of my word, and would have them to him that evening, well before I said I would.  He then accused me of implying I was only doing it as a favor to him.  Uhhh... What?  I replied that, since this was the only input he was allowing me to have in a book with my name on it, I was quite looking forward to writing the tour notes (albeit carefully with his requested one space after a period instead of the two spaces that I'm used to) which he ultimately instantly deleted.


That's right, I was allowed no input on a book with my name on it.  I didn't ask for much at all really.  I suggested a few pictures but they were refused for being too blurry.  Umm, the back cover he ultimately chose is so blurry you can't see Numan's face.


I'm reminded of IRS Records when Gary received no respect.  Despite Numan's impressive accomplishments, IRS forced Gary to do compromise his integrity as an artist and do a cover of someone else's song.  Because IRS knew best, before going out of business and not sending the Numan T-shirts people ordered from them in 1990 (The NAGNFC sent T-shirts to affected customers), they wanted Gary to cover the 1946 classic country song Sixteen Tons by Merle Travis, and later covered by Tennessee Ernie Ford in the 1950s


Some people say a man is made outta mud
A poor man's made outta muscle and blood
Muscle and blood and skin and bones
A mind that's a-weak and a back that's strong

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store

I was born one mornin' when the sun didn't shine
I picked up my shovel and I walked to the mine
I loaded sixteen tons of number nine coal
And the straw boss said "Well, a-bless my soul"

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store

I was born one mornin', it was drizzlin' rain
Fightin' and trouble are my middle name
I was raised in the canebrake by an ol' mama lion
Cain't no-a high-toned woman make me walk the line

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store

If you see me comin', better step aside
A lotta men didn't, a lotta men died
One fist of iron, the other of steel
If the right one don't a-get you
Then the left one will

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store


How fitting it was that IRS wanted Gary to sing a song about owing his soul to the company store, isn't it?  And thankfully Gary negotiated until they agreed Numan would cover a Prince song instead.  Still unheard of.  Paul Green of Dash Productions ran a Numan audio Fanzine then called Noise Noise.  When the NAGNFC announced Gary would be doing a Prince cover, he called me to say he would put his entire reputation on the line and say Gary would never do a Prince cover.  He ended up doing two!  Gary Numan made that mistake by losing himself in the choices of others, and regretted it ever since.  Sure, the IRS album had his name on the cover, but the songs and mixes were hardly all his ideas, but in part the result of a forced hand by Miles Copeland who thought he knew better.  And since Gary stopped listening to everyone else and went his own way, he seems to have done very well for himself.  That is a powerful lesson for us all.  By the way, Rolling Stone magazine told their readers on Wednesday that Prince had Gary Numan on his turntable as he was creating his best-loved album Purple Rain.


Though I was well within the deadline for the tour notes, I was reprimanded for spending too much time sending them, instead concentrating on sending him the lower quality 2013 pictures which he said he never wanted, although I quoted to him his exact words asking for some of them.  Just a no-win situation for me.  They would have been peppered with his own input anyway.  The publisher added to a former draft of the tour notes about the time Gary's manager Marc Sallis was in Jane's Addiction, which he most definitely wasn't.  Sigh.


The publisher kept reminding me that, despite what the majority of you clearly think, I am not a good photographer.  To that I could only reply to him:


Many say that even with the same model, they can't seem to replicate the passion they see in my photos.  A cursory scan of my photos from the tour on Facebook from Australia and England will reveal those comments and more.  People make copies of my photos and bring them to the gigs to have signed.  I've received more recognition for my photos than anyone I personally know.  I'll never be Amsel Adams, but I'm content in the joy I seem to have brought to my fellow Numan fans through my photos. They will never be mistaken for technically brilliant or World Class, but neither am I.  My pictures are me, and are who I am.  And I couldn't change that if I tried, and judging from the buzz my photos received in 2014, with even my detractors putting my photos in the upper echelon of Numan pics, I am content with the reputation I do have with my photos.


I'm not sure the publisher appreciates the nuances of digital photography as he has worked primarily in older film prints.  Everyone knows that out of 100, you're going to get perhaps 10 good ones.  Ed Fielding and I had many discussions at Numan's shows about how hard Gary is to photograph, with the smoke, the insane backlighting, and the fact Gary never ever stands still, holding his hands to his face most of the time.  To wit, poor Ed could only manage a 26-page book of excellent photos, while my publisher managed 270.  So, for my publisher to be crippled with shock at the fact many of my photos were indeed unusable crippled me with shock.  It has been a hot topic in the past among my friends on Facebook and The Joy Circuit who regularly take pictures at Numan's shows, many with proper cameras.


The publisher has gone on about how much money he is saving me, but at what cost?  I would rather pay much extra rather than to deal with that impressive quality of arrogance, even toward you loyal and kindred NAGNFC Readers, who were up in arms over an arrogant reply to them when they were eager and kind enough to make design suggestions.  Even if your design suggestions are ignored, the arrogant reply was unnecessary, and I regret forwarding that message to my readers.


I would rather pay much extra than be falsely accused with words I didn't say or intentionally imply, at the same time I felt I was bending over backwards to keep the project running smoothly.  Profanity-laced false accusations are unprofessional by any standard. 


He also made clear that I wasn't allowed to talk about a book tour, despite the fact many said they would travel hundreds of miles to attend one in London or Los Angeles.  They'd need time to prepare for the journey.  There has even been a push for a date on the US East Coast.  Even though he made clear he wouldn't pay for any aspect of my book tour, and all the special guests and DJs would be all my cost, he said that he would have the final say about info for any such book tour he is not funding.  I never expected or asked anyone else to pay for the book tour, so telling me how to party with my own money is clearly unacceptable by any standard.


In summary: Because the publisher didn't like the way this layman was talking about the book (with very little previous guidance from him) is the reason I referred all the questions to him. He didn't like that I did that either.  Having had four chances to tell me not to, he has now "lost interest" in the project.  Impossible.  Nearly every day until yesterday, I thanked him for his tireless work and devotion to the project.  But even that wasn't enough to sufficiently stroke his impressive ego, mysterious it is as he said he last two books didn't sell well.  He built up the book to such a degree, I told him I was on board yesterday to see it though despite his ominous email to me entitled "Ground Rules".  I've told him to tally what he feels he is owed for his work thus-far and will happily pay it to divorce him from the project.  Not that there was ever a signed contract.


So what now?  Now we go back to my original plan of making a fun book in proven NAGNFC-style, whose quality is so high, I will make no profit.  Hopefully with more professionalism and less unnecessary drama, arrogant rigidness toward art which is inherently subjective, and silly false accusations this time!


In over 25 years of the NAGNFC, I've never seen more enthusiasm for anything I've been involved with than the upcoming 'Pictures From a Broken Mind'.  Your suggestions, interested questions and overall passion for the book has been nothing short of impressive.  It will be a privilege to create a photo book you will enjoy, one worthy of Gary Numan and his fans.



With Allie C.


May 30, 2014



Hello to the Numanoids of the World!  Jim "The Machman" Napier here on the Webb wishing each of you a warm wish for a Happy New Year full of memories you'll treasure and success in all you endeavor.  The coming New Year of 2015 appears to be an interesting one for Numan's fans.  We're looking forward to a show in March, a new photo book will be released, and even some new music will be written.  Read on...



Persia Webb

singer on Here Inside soundtrack

December 25, 2014


With more than two months to go, Gary Numan's show at the Royal Festival Hall is selling out quickly.  At nearly half the size of the London Hammersmith, the front stalls, choir and the platform tickets have already sold out.  Tickets remain only in the rear stalls and the balcony.  By the time you read this, the three tickets left in the boxes along the side wall will likely be gone as well.  As was the case at Hammersmith, about half a dozen touts will likely be plying their trade outside the Numan show to ensure that you pay even more for your ticket, so now is the time to get yours! 



The show is selling so quickly, touts are already doing their worst


Ju has arranged a preshow meet up at the nearby Wellington Hotel at 81-83 Wellington Road, London SE18UD (telephone 0207 9286083).  Luckily, it's a seated gig, so no one really has to queue outside in the cold.  Join us at the preshow party at the Wellington, then show up at the venue before the performance starts at 8:00 pm.  Easy breezy!



Scored a Front Stalls ticket!!

Shared by Paul H.


Just a couple of months to go before the anticipated photo book 'Pictures From a Broken Mind' is unleashed to the world!  This ambitious book was once 160 pages, but there are so many winning photos, we couldn't choose between them.  The hardcover book has since has ballooned to an incredible 270 pages.  'Pictures From a Broken Mind' will feature up close-and-personal pictures of Gary Numan from shows large and small from this year's Worldwide Splinter Tour, Gary's largest in 34 years.  Like Gary Numan's own releases, the book will be manufactured in both the US and the UK, and by the finest printers in both countries.   I've taken care to work with the publisher and designer and spare no expense in every creation stage of this book to make the entire project deserving of Gary Numan and his fans.



Readers have been asking me how they can preorder 'Pictures From a Broken Mind', and how they can score autographed copies.  The book will go on preorder on Amazon and on the NAGNFC in February for a release on March 8, Gary Numan's birthday.  The book will also be available in finer bookstores around the world.  If not, you can order it through them as well.  So far it appears as if I'll be able to offer the cheapest price here on the NAGNFC.  Plus if you order it here, I will be able to autograph it for you upon request, at no extra charge of course.  Just let me know who to autograph it to!  Ed Fielding's excellent Gary Numan photo book 'Icon Through a Lens' was 26 pages and sold for £49.00 ($73.00 US).  Despite being a monstrous 270 pages (with each page double the size), we're aiming to keep 'Pictures From a Broken Mind' around the same price point.



Shared by Karen


After we submit our finished 'Pictures From a Broken Mind' book to the printers, it takes weeks to get a proof copy back, sort of a 'test pressing' in vinyl record terms.  It then takes more weeks to get approval of the test pressing so it can be sent to the shops.  If you are attending the Royal Festival Hall show in London, 'Pictures From a Broken Mind' will be available there as well with special gig-only pricing.



There will be a book launch party for 'Pictures From a Broken Mind' in London on March 21, the day after the Royal Festival Hall gig.  I'll be there to autograph books and chat with fans about the experience of seeing 60 Gary Numan shows in 2014.  I'm going to make the event special somehow, and have some definite ideas in the "spare no expense" spirit that underscored the creation of the book.  A guest-DJ party?  Special guests?  Since the book will be made in the US as well, there will be another book launch party in Los Angeles in late March with a special guest or guests.  As always, stay tuned to the NAGNFC for the latest details!  For now, the publisher has asked that I keep the back cover and tagline a secret.  But so far, this is near what the cover of the book will look like, albeit with a larger and embossed font to catch the eye.



Gary's Victorian image on a Victrola

Shared by Gord


The old-school Numan look came back into vogue for a time in 1999 and I didn't even know it!  Kjohn Lasoul's blog describes Sophia Kokosalaki's spring/summer 1999 line of clothing entitled "colored leather Gary Numan boilersuits".



Royal Festival Hall

Shared by Richard B.


Archangel (aka Bruno Pronsato) will be releasing his electronic 12" Momentum of the Farce on January 20 on the Foom label (FOOM 001EP).  The track is based on what he calls the mechanical sex appeal of Numan's Metal, which he covers on side A.  (Hat Tip: Paul of Cambridge)


My pop-historical spirit animal, so to speak, has always been Gary Numan in this snapshot of studio toil. I still feel that the sleek, mechanical sex appeal of 'Metal' is seductive, so, for the A-side, I decided to take the basics from Numan's track (bass line, synth) and transform them into my darker, drone driven style... the B-side, 'Momentum of the Farce,' strikes a different chord... While making it, I imagined myself playing live to 20 people -- the 20 people who appreciate a sunrise at the party but simultaneously enjoy the thought of going home."



In what may be the world's first Gary Numan tribute, it has been discovered that Foxy's 1979 single Party Boys features a riff from Numan's M.E.  Reaching #24 in Billboard's US Dance Chart, Party Boys is surprisingly electronic for being that vintage, and their song actually holds up well, I thought!  Check it out, the Numan riff starts at 1:23:



Incidentally, Party Boys was then covered in turn by Enrico Monizza:




Numan's I Am Dust is included on a new 4-CD compilation in France called Pop-Rock Station by Zegut, Volume 3.  Dust off your language translators and read more about the compilation here!  (Hat Tip: Paul of Cambridge)




This clip from Top of the Pops in 1979 was played nationwide in the UK

December 24, 2013


Thanks to everyone who made this first issue of 2015 so awesome!  Your belief in the NAGNFC cause is humbling.  You are all superstars!  Looking forward to what will be one of the very few gigs this year.  Let's make it count!


'Til next time!


                           Jim "The Machman" Napier






Stefan "Numanhuman" Jungklaus and Jim "The Machman" Napier

Berlin Imperial Club

February 18, 2014 




Jim "The Machman" Napier and Tim Prentice

Atlanta Masquerade

October 25, 2013






    Meeting fans before the show

    Manchester Ritz

    December 8, 2011






    Gary Numan and Jim "The Machman" Napier and Gary Numan

    Detroit Majestic Theatre

    July 31, 2006 








    The "Big G", Jim "The Machman" Napier, Gary Numan, Mark Darmofal

    The Spa, New York City

    April 18, 2001




    August/September 2013


    Chapter 1  Sacramento Ace of Spades

    Chapter 2  Eugene WOW Hall

    Chapter 3  Vancouver Fortune Sound Club

    Chapter 4  Seattle Bumbershoot Music Lounge

    Chapter 5  Portland Wonder Ballroom

    Chapter 6  Oakland Metro Opera House

    Chapter 7  Santa Ana Observatory