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February 3, 2016

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February 3, 2016


This is epic!  Steve Read and Rob Alexander, producers of the much-awaited movie 'Android in La La Land', have just announced the World Premiere of the film at the trendy and prestigious SXSW Festival in March.  Deadliner Hollywood gives all the films of SXSW a mention, giving their article's only picture to the Numan documentary.   Even Exclaim in Canada not only gives the film a mention in the festival's line up, they devoted a full article to the film yesterday.  In the coming days, the NAGNFC will feature my exclusive and first interview with the producers of 'Android in La La Land' since the film's completion!  I've already written the questions last night, and I think you'll be happy with them!  I've been invited to the premiere of the film, so will be there to cover the event for you with pictures, the crowd's reactions, and my review of the movie. (Hat Tip: Brian H. for his contributions to this article)


News just reached us...
The news you/we've all been waiting for...
Android In La La Land is about to hit the big screen, in a big way.
We've been Officially Selected for one of the world's most prestigious and influential film festivals - South By South West...
Our World Premiere at SXSW, Austin, Texas in March is just the start... (premiere date TBC btw)
We're already the talk of the Festival, testament to Gary's influence in music, his captivating story and a great film... A film some of you have cameo roles in and a film you will all love!
Clearly getting to Texas for the premiere will be tough for a lot of you but we're working on bringing it to the UK and everywhere else in fact... As ever, we're working on it...
Thanks for your support.



My interview for the movie 'Android in La La Land'

Santa Ana Observatory

September 4, 2013

Photography: Paul Curry


Bit of a major scare yesterday.  As Gary and Gemma were taking a cab from their San Diego hotel to the hospital for Gemma's procedure, Gary's backpack got lost in Gemma's huge amount of luggage (Numan said Gemma's liberal packing for trips is one of the very rare things they argue about).  As they were unloading the cab, Gary's backpack got lost in the shuffle and was left on board.  As the taxi drove away, Gary realized what had happened.  He didn't know the cab company so had no way to get in touch with them.  The backpack contained the music Gary had worked on so far, a huge amount of the book he is writing, important contracts, and basically his entire life.  Gary took to Twitter to express his misery.  Then just as things looked truly hopeless, the driver showed up at the hospital with the missing backpack.  Gary promises something very special for the driver for his kindness.  There was no ID in the backpack, and had no contact info.  Gary still wonders how the driver knew it was his?



My interview for the movie 'Android in La La Land'

Santa Ana Observatory

September 4, 2013

Photography: Paul Curry




Hello to the Numanoids of the World!  Jim "The Machman" Napier here in the 27th year of providing Gary Numan's fans with the latest news on PlanetNuman!  Where were you 27 years ago?  I was making $3.50/hour plus tips.  But ahh, I wistfully remember those days before Windows 95, MySpace, smartphones, self-driving planes, teleportation, and flying cars.  So without further adieu, this month's update:


Gary Numan has brought our old friend David Brooks back on board for the much-awaited North American Classic Shows in May.  Rounding out the band will be Richard Beasley on drums, Steve Harris on guitar and Tim Muddiman on bass.  We haven't seen David since the UK leg of the Splinter Tour when he shared synthesizer duties with Ade Fenton.  David's last performance with Numan was at Wolverhampton's Wulfrun Hall on November 19, 2013.



Gemma Webb, Richard Beasley and David Brooks

Aftershow Party

Pittsburgh Club Laga

May 6, 1998

Photography: Jim "The Machman" Napier


After the typical false starts Gary has endured in his songwriting process, he knows what to do.  He's stepped away from the process for now to clear his head.  Now that collaborations with the likes of Jean-Michel Jarre, Titan and the three tracks with Andy Grey are done, Gary has taken to other pursuits to reboot, including art musuems, hiking and taking in movies (I recommend Anomalisa!).  Gemma is about to go to San Diego for an operation to augment her breast size to a DD or an E, and she'll need to stay for a few days.  Gary will be there with her there of course.  Numan will use the downtime to get the creative juices flowing once again on his iPad.  Two songs on Splinter (Songs From a Broken Mind) started life on the iPad.  And Everything Comes Down To This was largely written completely on the iPad.  In the meantime, best wishes to Gemma for a successful procedure and quick recovery!



Dave Dupuis, Dave Smith play air keyboards with Gary Numan


Anaheim Convention Center

January 15, 2016


Gary Numan's preorder for Here in the Black double picture disc vinyl of his performance at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery has been especially popular, given its price.  Originally pressed in a numbered limited edition of 500, there are now exactly 75 copies left for purchase.  It is sure to sell out, given both its content, its cool factor among fans, and its high collectibility.  The Masonic Temple at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery was the first place many Splinter songs were performed live.  It was a fairly tiny venue, holding 300 people, which accounts for the fact the first night sold out in 10 minutes, inspiring a second night to be added.




Here in the Black is also available for preorder in a cool 3-disc set, including 2 CDs and a DVD from the show, which is Region 0 meaning it will play everywhere  The DVD also includes a 32 minute documentary.  One of the video crew at the Hollywood Forever showed up very late, and had to stumble his way with all his gear through the packed crowd toward the front.  He pleaded with me for my prime spot in the front.  It's fair to say I was a bit reluctant given the hours I flew to be there, and the hours I spent procuring my excellent spot.  But ultimately, this was for Gary's video, so I took one for the team and relinquished my spot to him.  You're welcome, guys! 



Graphics by Roberica M.


You can save a fair chunk of change by preordering both the rare 2 vinyl picture disc gatefold along with the 3 disc CD/DVD set together.  No matter in what flavor you decide to purchase Here in the Black, everything is due to be shipped by its release date of February 19.




This picture was taken just down Wilshire Blvd. where Gary performed two sold-out nights at the El Rey

Gary, Gemma, Tara, Maf, Raven, Persia, Echo and chums

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

January 26, 2016


Gary's tickets for the intimate VIP experience he has planned in Los Angeles have been selling steadily, and one night is about to sell out.  Included with each night's pass is a full access opportunity to see Gary and the band rehearse a full night's set, you can play their instruments, and chat with everyone in a casual setting.  At press time, there are 11 passes left for Wednesday, May 4; 12 passes left for Thursday, May 5; and 4 passes left for Friday, May 6.




Gemma said: "Blood bags,real housewives of atlanta,surgical stockings , hideous hospital bra, blood soaked gauze.....yes...I've had another op to reduce my bad boys!! The last one DID NOT WORK!! XX". "Just a few lumps removed but mainly these big Ole boobies r just too big and matronly. Tried to do it 2 years ago but surgeon was shit and they i still remained a gg!!!. They're been scooped of all the flesh..kept getting lumps all the time anyhow....but can't get implants til I'm healed...April or may!! Then I wanna be dd or an e. Xxxx it'll be a,relief.x"


Longtime UK presenter, 50 year veteran of BBC television and radio Sir Terry Wogan, has passed away today at age 77.  He was also known for his work with Children in Need as well as he efforts to raise money for cancer research.  Gary Numan was excited to "get a Wogan" as he called it, after he was invited to appear on the show to perform I Can't Stop.  Thoughts are with the family as tributes pour in from celebrities across the UK in today's Guardian.




I got the chance to hang with one of my comic idols Tom Green after his sold out show this weekend at the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines, Canada.  As it turns out, he is a massive Gary Numan fan.  I asked him whose idea it was to include Gary's Numan's music in his 2001 major motion picture 'Freddy Got Fingered'. I always assumed it was his ex-wife Drew Barrymore's idea since she was a New Wave fan. To my surprise, Tom said it was his own idea to include Numan as he is a huge fan of Gary's. He told me: "There's just nothing like Gary Numan!". I've been a fan of Tom's CBS radio network podcast. Tom told me he'd really be interested in interviewing Gary Numan. They both live in Los Angeles now, and it would introduce Gary to Tom's mostly young fans. The audience at his shows are mostly made up of twentysomethings. I've left a message with the Webbs about the opportunity. Tom gave me his Twitter handle so I can contact him with (hopefully) good news!



Tom Green and Jim "The Machman" Napier

St. Catharines Merchant Ale House

January 29, 2016

Photography: Drake


This is interesting.  After more than three rounds of post-production, Steve Read of the documentary Android in La La Land wrote me to tell you that an announcement concerning the imminent relase of the much-awaited film will be forthcoming on Tuesday.  Stay tuned!


Hi Jim, hope you’re well…

As you may have heard through the grapevine, our film is now completed and has Gary’s blessing.
We have some really exciting news that we’d like to share with you so you can share it with the fans your blog followers.
For various reason I can’t divulge anything until next Tuesday, it’s great news though and something you may want to talk to us about.




Many thanks and hat tips to NAGNFC Reader Andy C. of Bath, England for sending a couple of interesting articles and interviews from a 1981 issue of Syn-Rock Magazine.  Nash the Slash is interviewed about the session work he is doing with Gary Numan.  Nash also reveals how they met.  An extensive interview with Gary is also included. He speaks about why he doesn't normally make eye contact with the audience, and why Midge Ure is full of it.  It provides fascinating insight into where his head was at in 1981.  You can take a step back in time and download Nash's interview here, and Gary Numan's interview here.

A more recent interview from Wednesday can be found over at The Electricity Club.  This is a truly informed interview by a reporter that did their homework.  Gary speaks about why he launched his pledge campaign and how the experience has been to manage himself for the last seven months.  Numan also speaks about the fans that give him a hard time in the comments section, as if songwriting has always come easy to Gary (see Strange Charm).   Gary lamented the fans who come to his defense after someone has a negative comment, which always seems to end up in a fight amongst his fans.  Gary said in the interview the Pledge Campaign was created to be an enjoyable process, so he is saddened to see the fighting that occurs there (I've never commented there Gary so don't look at me LOL!).  Not exactly the atmosphere for inspired songwriting.  Gary publicly thanked those who looked out for him and came to his defense in his January rant, and after reading Wednesday's interview, it's clear with whom he sides, and it's not the people he claims has held up the songwriting process as he has had to take out time from writing to respond and set the record straight against what has been said about him.  Numan said:


I hope that the people who are negative will drop out along the way, so those who are overly positive won’t need to say anything and we’ll have this more reasonable enjoyable process left in the middle.



Andy Coughlan, Gary Numan and Rrussell Bell



BWW Music World reported on Jean-Michel Jarre's upcoming release Electronica 2 with Gary Numan.  They focus on Jarre's achievements, including the fact that he would've achieved the first live performance and recording in space, had it not been for the Challenger Shuttle explosion in 1986, which happened 30 years ago last week.



A heartfelt and humble thank you to everyone who helped make this month's NAGNFC issue to cool beast it is!  You are all superstars!  For those who write me this month, it may take a couple days to respond.  I'll be following my favorite female singer Jane Siberry's tour around the USA and Canada for about six weeks starting Wednesday.  Really looking forward to it!  But never fear, I'll always be keeping the NAGNFC updated with the latest in the world of PlanetNuman!


                           'Til next time!



              Jim "The Machman" Napier



Mike H, Joe M. and Jim "The Machman " Napier

Los Angeles Teragram Ballroom

October 1, 2015

Photography: Matt Hobrath




January Breaking News


January 24, 2016


As he did last year, Gary attended the NAMM Convention this weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.  NAMM is one of the two largest music product trade shows in the world.  It's European counterpart is the Musik Messe in Frankfurt.  The event attracts numerous famous musicians, many of whom are endorsed by exhibitors and come to promote their own signature models and equipment.



Gary Numan

Anaheim NAMM Convention

January 22, 2016

Photography: Moog Music, Inc.





Dave Smith shows Gary Numan the Prophet 6

Anaheim NAMM Convention

January 22, 2016



Minglady, Gary Numan and Gemma

Los Angeles Monty Bar

January 15, 2016


Gary has a nice spread in this month's issue of Classic Pop Magazine.  They focus on the new album and Pledge Campaign.  Included are some great pictures including an exclusive from the studio.  (Hat Tip: Graham B. aka Steel and You)

To quote Gary Numan this month,

"Once again, to those defending me, thank you so much. Your support helps turn these horrible moments into a positive ones, and I’m very grateful. To you especially I say:

Happy New Year."


One example is from Sarah M. (thank you!):

I don't always follow FB goings-on usually just lurk around pre-gig and do post gig postings, so I have no idea why there has been aggro with Jim Napier. I've met him numerous times and not only has he always been perfectly lovely but for years he has been doing an incredible service promoting Gary Numan and providing a valuable service for Numan fans worldwide. More than once I've defended him and imagine I would do so again. Over the years I've read some really nasty petty spiteful personal comments about him, that frankly say more about the authors' mentality and immaturity than anything else. I find that despicable, so if there have been times when the man has stood up for himself retaliated or whatever that's understandable unsurprising and good for him.

Love to all s xx

Please Push No More
Los Angeles Teragram Ballroom
October 1, 2015
Videography: Jim "The Machman" Napier

Now I'm behind glass
I'll talk to you
The telephone lines blind
You have defaced my face
I bet you laughed at me
You bright young things
And now I need no-one
I miss you, so
Please push no more
Please push no more
Now it's all over for sure
I'll walk back home
We must all come down
We all grow old
We are close, we are hurt
So that was love
And love she kills me
It needs to, so
Please push no more
Please push no more
Please push no more
Please push no more


January 21, 2016


Numan appeared in a brand new interview for Cyclic Defrost on Monday.  They speak with Gary about the incredible changes in the music industry he has seen over the last four decades, from a start-up record company to the Pledge Campaign.  Gary speaks about the challenges and benefits of creating his newest album with the whole world watching.


Perhaps a few people didn’t truly get what it was going to be like but most seem to really enjoy it. At the last count it was on about 208% and it’s still going, so I’ve been genuinely blown away by the level of support and interest that the fans have shown to the campaign. I hope that, as the album develops, that interest will really start to see some genuine reward for the fans and that they continue to feel that it’s a good project to be involved in.



Gary's work on the new album hasn't been going as well as originally hoped.  Numan has been distracted lately by the workload that comes with taking on all the menial managerial duties that his American management used to do.  Gary regrets getting rid of his management team and plans to bring on someone to help with the incredible list of tasks that need to be done, things most people take for granted and help keep the machine running smoothly.  He has also been working on planned compilations with Titan, John Foxx and The Duke Spirit.  Gary says the distractions have interrupted the flow of songwriting.  Music has been written, but Numan is unhappy with what he's written. 


Add to the mix the recent unhappiness that inspired Gary to spend hours writing his recent rant, which I reported here on January 8.  It was in reply to a select, uncool minority, who would rather spend time complaining about the price of Gary's historic synthesizers rather than celebrating the fact they can command such an impressive price from fans who will be made happy by the presence of the instruments in their homes.  If the NuMOANoids didn't help the real fans make the money they earned, then their opinions count for zero when it comes time to decide how that money will be spent.  But I can't really blame the moaners.  If, as an able-bodied person, I only had the qualifications to play on forums and Facebook every hour of every single waking day, I'd be moaning and mad at the world as well.



Many of Numan's fans tell me they've left some of the fan-created Facebook groups as the result of the constant and tiresome one-sided arguments by the same people that tear Gary down without any criticism that is constructive or helpful.  My good friend Kevin Spencer runs the Facebook group Numanoids.  I recently helped him relay a message to Gary in November after he requested assistance.  Anyway, he told me that with the many members there, the forum is hard to police, and relies on members to inform him of any attacks on other members such as threats of violence or unwelcomed name-calling.  Kevin invited me to rejoin the group in April of last year, but who wants to hang out with curmudgeonly old people who hate Gary Numan?  It would be too much like hanging with my Dad in 1982.  (Just kidding, Dad!  I love ya!  And yeah Dolly Parton is kinda cool).


But if there's anything cool that could come from the stagnant funk that has now gripped Our Friend Electric, it's that history is on his side.  I mean, Gary's best albums have come from periods in his life that were less than happy.  And this counts as one of those times.  Once the distractions are taken care of, this new album has the potential to be another classic, and another album that is even better reviewed than his last one.  Remember, The Pleasure Principle took only days to write.  Cars was written in 10 minutes.  If the album is remotely as good as Replicas or Sacrifice, which also featured a self-produced Gary Numan left to his own devices, I'm confident we are in for one incredible album, my friends.


The Pledge Campaign, now at 209% of its goal, was featured in The Quietus today.  They tell their readers about the fact Gary's Campaign reached 100% of its goal in under a day.  And they even include a video clip from Numan's songwriting process as a taste of what subscribers can enjoy when they pledge to help the cause.  (Hat Tip: Brian H.)



Gary Numan and Wayne Hussey

Los Angeles Monty Bar

January 15, 2016

L.A. Weekly and the LA-ist in Hollywood just posted their accounts of that evening


The Spanish magazine Binaural also told their readers about Gary's Pledge Campaign, posting a great article entitled Gary Numan Advances in Recording His New Album.   (Hat Tip: Brian H.)  I've translated the article for you below:


In the industrial rock very few artists enjoy the prestige and recognition acquired by Gary Numan in recent decades.  Maybe the London-based singer and songwriter count on 57 years but even so manages to surprise with albums like Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) impeccable album released in 2013. Trying to get closer to their followers Numan prompted a crowdfunding campaign on last November. Sole purpose: to finance an album, number 21 of his musical career, so he can publish it in October 2016.

In just over 24 hours Numan managed to overcome core funding, coming in just two months to exceed 200% in the amount initially requested. To celebrate in style the composer has been sharing the progress of the disc with his staunchest fans. Last of all has come today in the form of a video. Numan therein reproduces the instrumental section without vocal track, one of these new cuts. The feelings described are downright good. Do not believe us?  Listen to the audio featured in the video, and you'll see.

You can track the status of the crowdfunding campaign through Pledgemusic .


The photo book, 'Pictures From A Broken Mind: Gary Numan's Worldwide Splinter Tour', will be released in eBook format as well as a very Limited Edition of 500 hardcover books in the Summer of 2016.  I decided to go with the eBook format mostly for the benefit of overseas customers who won't have to spend a fortune to get a large 300-page book shipped to them.  But the book itself will be of the best quality.  I'm not skimping on any aspect of its production.  Pearl glossy pages, 100 lb paper stock.  Anything else would be cheap and Gary Numan deserves better than that!  The book will feature pictures from 62 of Numan's shows in year, with fun short stories and words from each night.  I really have to give sincere thanks to Stephen in the UK and Frank in Paris for sharing my enthusiasm and vision.  Thanks to them, and the incredible response I've received from fans like you, I am more excited than ever about the book.  With any luck, the result will be the best book of memories that any fan can give to his favorite musician.  I'll be sure and give everyone ample heads-up before the preorder begins.  That way, hopefully everyone who wants a Limited Hardcover Edition will be able to score one while they're available.  Stay tuned!



Fans sometimes print my tour photos from the NAGNFC to bring to meet-and-greets to have Gary sign them

The photo Gary is holding is one that I took in Vienna, Austria that a woman printed and gave him to sign

Brisbane, Australia

May 27, 2014

Photography: John Gullidge



January 17, 2016


Gary Numan and Gemma were at the huge Heroes Tribute to David Bowie and Lemmy from Motorhead on Friday night.  My friend Brian Applegate was lucky enough to be on the scene at the Monty Bar in Los Angeles, and shared his fun account of the evening for you lucky NAGNFC Readers!  Take it away, Brian! 


On Friday 1/15/16, Lethal Amounts in Los Angeles held a David Bowie and Lemmy Kilmeister tribute night, with guest djs, honoring the recently fallen heroes of music. Here's the list of guest djs who were spinning their favorite tracks and telling their own stories of working with, or meeting Bowie or Lemmy.



Photography by Paul Q.


I managed to get in to the (packed beyond capacity) bar and as I made my way through the crowd, I see Clem Burke (Blondie) and Jerry Casale (Devo) against the left side of the room behind the dj booth. But what stopped me in my tracks was at the next booth over I see Gary Numan. I had to look twice as I thought to myself, "holy shit, Gary Numan's here?"



Photography by Paul Q.


I grabbed my 4 beers (I wasn't about to wait in THAT line again) I made my way to the back patio and VIP area. I ran into some old friends from Portland and got carried away in conversation not realizing all the djs had already played their sets. Didn't matter because at that time they all started to come back to where I was.


I ended up talking to new friends who are visiting from London where they are in a Blondie cover band. (bootlegblondie.com). For some reason I looked on the ground and saw a stream of liquid on the ground by our feet. Jokingly I asked "did someone take a piss here?". The answer I got was "yeah, Gary Numan pissed there". What? So, I go into the bar area and who do I see right in front of me? Yep, Gary Numan. I talked to Gemma for a bit and showed her my Tubeway Army tattoo at which point she brings Gary over to see. I introduce myself again and the words that followed were "did you take a piss out back against the building?" Gary looked shocked for a few seconds, maybe thinking I was gonna bust him, but then he looks at me and says "I wasn't about to wait in that line for 20 minutes, fuck, I gotta go NOW!". I doubled over from laughing, which made him laugh and it was a pretty funny interaction we had. I went back to my friends outside and said "yep, he pissed there". What do we do? We take a picture of the crime scene. Check it out.



Photography shared by Brian A.



Gary Numan, Amy Nicoletto (Gary's tattoo artist) and Wayne Hussey (Sisters of Mercy/The Mission)

Los Angeles Monty Bar

January 15, 2016


January 16, 2016


There was a rocking David Bowie/Lemmy Tribute last night at the Monty Bar in Los Angeles, where Gary Numan's Teragram Ballroom aftershow parties took place.  Gary and Tara Busch (I Speak Machine) were in attendance last night to watch several celebrity musicians pay homage to the fallen musicians.  Each musician had about 30 minutes each.  Musicians who took the stage included Nik Turner of Hawkwind, Danny Lohner of NIN, Clem Burke of Blondie, Jerry Casale of DEVO, Kevin Haskins of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets, Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle and the Bowie Tour, Cevin Key of Skinny Puppy, Clint Mansell of Pop Will Eat Itself and who scored Moon by Duncan Jones aka Zowie Bowie, Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb, Wes Eishold of Numan opening band Cold Cave and Lol Tolhurst of The Cure.  Each musician who took the stage told stories and DJed their favorite homages for the event.  There was no cover for the event.  My friend Brian Applegate, who performed with DEVO last year, filling in for Bob2, was there and promises a report with pictures for the NAGNFC so stay tuned for that!  Thanks to Paul for the exclusive pictures from the event.  Paul mentioned to Gary that I would be going crazy if I were there, what with Jerry from DEVO as well.  That gave Gary a chuckle.  Paul also mentioned that, like me, Gary is also looking forward to seeing Laurie Anderson at MoogFest in May.



Kevin Haskins and Gary Numan

David Bowie/Lemmy Heroes Tribute

Los Angeles Monty Bar

January 15, 2016

Exclusive NAGNFC picture by photographer Paul Quesnell


Stephen Roper wrote in to mention that his incredibly cool book Backstage has just been made available in the popular eBook format.  The download is 6.99, and to sweeten the deal, more vintage tour photos have been made available just for the eBook version.  The original hardback is now sold out, so these extra pictures are those that couldn't fit into the original hardcover.  Artrocker Magazine said: "My advice to all Numanoids, and anybody with an interest in the history of modern music, is BUY THIS BOOK". 


"Backstage: a unique insight into the most prolific years of the UK’s most successful and enigmatic electronic rock star, Gary Numan. This book documents the period from 1979 to 1981, which saw Numan at the peak of stardom. A time that many will remember for the white face, the eyeliner, the dry ice and pounding synthesiser sound of the early eighties, Numan emerged from the wreckage of punk with five number one records and sell-out live shows across the globe.
This is the inside story in the words of those that were directly involved in producing some of the most influential electronic pop music of the time. Over a period of two years, the author has interviewed most of the original band members, record company executives and the technical crew responsible for Numan’s spectacular live concerts. All the interviews were conducted in person and everyone has expressed themselves openly, often with a great deal of humour and a fondness for their time spent with Gary.
With contributions from Gary Numan himself , Chris Payne, Rrussell Bell, Cedric Sharpley, Jim Kerr, Andy McCluskey, Nash The Slash, Richard Jobson, John Foxx, Jerry Casale, Wartin Mills, Steve Webbon, Tim Dry, the anecdotes, memories and unseen photographs contained in Backstage reveal many new facts and insights into the man and his music and many amusing tales of his meteoric rise to fame."



Gary Numan

David Bowie/Lemmy Heroes Tribute

Los Angeles Monty Bar

January 15, 2016

Exclusive NAGNFC picture by photographer Paul Quesnell


As Stephen and I talked, I told him that I was in awe of how together the entire operation of his book was, from the great look of the book, the distribution and the content.  I brought up m own upcoming book Pictures From a Broken Mind.  Despite the incredibly enthusiastic reponse I've received toward the book, which chronicles Gary's entire worldwide Splinter Tour (it was my biggest question from Numan's fans during the October 2015 UK shows), the costs have been prohibitive.  Each book would've cost $55 to make, and would cost roughly half that much for overseas shipping to the UK.  My San Francisco publisher recommended a smaller book, but I wanted this to be massive.  Stephen said that I should do an eBook.  There would be no shipping costs, and the book could still be massive.  While I really wanted a large hardcover book, and still want to do a limited run of them, I think Stephen's idea of an eBook makes a lot of sense.  We'll be working together on Pictures From a Broken Mind starting next week, and it truly will be all the sweeter with the waiting.  Thanks, Stephen!!



Gary Numan with a fan

David Bowie/Lemmy Heroes Tribute

Los Angeles Monty Bar

January 15, 2016


This month's January 2016 issue of Mojo is a special David Bowie edition to celebrate the new album Blackstar.  Gary gets a few mentions in the issue as well.  Included is a four star review of the recent black vinyl reissue of Telekon, a review of the Pleasure Principle show at the London Forum, and Gary tells his story about David Bowie.  (Hat Tip: Jimi B.)




Pictures sent by Jimi B.


 Although not confirmed, Jean Michel-Jarre's release Electronica 2, with Gary Numan's song, is set be released by the end of March.  It is said that one collaborator from the album is yet to be chosen to join Jarre on stage this year for a performance.  I'm sure Gary could really benefit from the exposure.  Like the festivals Gary performs at, Numan would be given the chance to be seen before an entirely new audience.  (Hat Tip: Róbert G.)



Artwork by Michael S.


Another of my biggest asked questions are about the upcoming DVDs.  Here In The Black will be available for preorder Monday at noon (UK time).  It will be available as a DVD/2CD 3-disc package as well as double vinyl.  Here In The Black is from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where so many tracks from Splinter were first performed.  Full moon, in a cemetery, in Los Angeles, and Gary came out in his Splinter outfit to perform what would be his best reviewed tracks in decades.  It was a great time to be a Numanoid!



Great news!  Tim Muddiman's Pledge Campaign has now reached 100%!  Thanks to all the NAGNFC Readers who came through with such an impressive push to finish the campaign!   Check him out at the Camden Barfly on January 22!



Time Out's Top 100 Artists Influenced by David Bowie

(Hat Tip: Peter in Australia!)


January 14, 2016


Numan granted an exclusive interview to Northern Transmissions, which appeared on Tuesday called Interview with Electric Pioneer Gary Numan.  It is a spectacularly honest interview, even for Gary.  And that's saying something!  He spoke with Stewart Wiseman who engaged Numan in some brilliant conversation.  They spoke about whose idea it really was to do the Classic Shows, the Toronto show they're trying to get together and Gary's favorite cover of his own work.  They even discuss the interesting and surprising upside downside of crowdsourcing the next album with a Pledge Campaign.  While it can be a great method not to become beholden to a record company, which always makes the music better, the process has become more time consuming than previously thought...


 "The only downside is the work that goes into updating people, it’s a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I found that almost immediately you become pretty reluctant to have people listen to ideas that aren’t perfected and that you know won’t make the album. However, that’s the very point of what I’m supposed to be doing with this process. I’ve put out ideas that I know are shit, so I’ve put out introduction videos. It takes a lot more time, and it also breaks up the creative process by taking the time to make the updates. To be honest, the interruptions are a problem I didn’t expect to have. It’s been very interesting, a great thing to do, but it’s a lot more difficult than I expected on many levels, and we’ll see when it’s all finished if it was the right thing to do or not, but I think it is."



Fun picture with Lene Lovich and Captain Sensible


David Bowie was cremated here in New York without a funeral and without friends or family present.  Ashes to Ashes.  As Johnny Marr once said: ‘There are musicians who are influenced by him that don’t realise it’.  Lots of media are compiling their Top 10 lists of acts that would not have existed without David Bowie.  The Irish Times put Numan #6 on their list.  Lori Majewski of Yahoo! Music also glimpses at a world without David Bowie.  She claims Gary Numan wouldn't have started New Wave, and there would be no MTV or other eccentric acts that bravely challenge the norm such as Lady Gaga.  One NAGNFC Reader asked me today about Gary's tumultous relationship with David Bowie.  I replied:


There are many who say Gary Numan owes his career to David Bowie.  I'll be posting a couple of those articles in tonight's NAGNFC update.  I might not go as far as to make that declarative statement, but there was a definite influence.  A young Gary was enamored by Bowie's theatrics and eccentricity.  In many interviews, Gary has frequently said we need more of that in this age of corporate rock, people who challenge the norm.  There have only been a handful of bands achieve this, and are appreciated within the mainstream for it.  Gerald Casale of DEVO put it best in an interview last week.....

Yeah, maybe Devo was never destined to be a completely mainstream band.

[Laughs.] In hindsight, I guess you can't argue with that. But at the time, I was fighting the good fight and trying very hard to maintain our aesthetics and be successful. After all, that intersection, that combination, is the most interesting thing, isn't it? It's easy to be an obscure, artsy weirdo band, and it's easy to be a meaningless baloney mainstream band putting out pap, but it's very hard to be Bob Dylan or the Beatles or David Bowie, where you get the whole enchilada. And at that moment, with Freedom of Choice, we really had it going.

Gary admired Bowie greatly.  His early image was said to be based on Bowie's "Thin White Duke" with similar white makeup.  In the beginning, David told reporters he enjoyed Gary Numan.  In this 1979 interview, around the 4:00 mark, Bowie said he enjoyed Numan's music. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM-Sm3-Xnpk)   But that was the year Gary's popularity massively spread.  His singles went straight to #1.  According to Gary, David Bowie had him kicked off the TV show after David was threatened with this fast-rising star.  This was no longer the Gary of early 1979 with one #1 hit and album.  It was now a Gary Numan that had done it twice in the same year.  Gary was utterly devastated his hero would do this to him.  Numan has since said he holds no animosity toward Bowie for what happened however.



Meet Michelle!  She watches the house and the girls while the Numans are off on their adventures.

January 13, 2016


Meanwhile, David Bowie received a touching mention, which included Gary Numan, on the Official Def Leppard Facebook page on Tuesday (Hat Tip: Donald P.).  Here is the post in its entirety:


I heard the news today oh boy .... And I can't believe what I've heard .... David Bowie is dead. He's been a massive part of my life since I first heard Starman in 1972. So many of us came in at that moment, myself, Bono, Boy George, Morrissey, Gary Kemp, Jim Kerr, Brett Anderson, Pete Murphy, Gary Numan, millions of fans, all very different from each other but all with one thing in common, the belief that a true rock & roll alien had landed on earth & he was ours. I own every record he ever made, he was plastered all over my bedroom wall as a kid, he was my very first bootleg, his CDs take up 2 whole shelves in my collection. I have personally recorded over 25 of his songs either on my own, with Leppard or with the Cybernauts. I met him 2 or 3 times & always found him charming & engaging. It is said, never meet your heroes, they will let you down. Bullshit. He was open, funny, a good listener !! & when myself & Phil joined David on stage with Queen, Mick Ronson & Ian Hunter at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Gig in 1992 it became one of the most memorable musical moments of my life. I can't believe he's gone. A huge hole has opened up in my heart & it feels like my youth has been further ripped away from me. At least I have a lifetime of his music to comfort me, as we all have, as he left behind one hell of a legacy. The Starman waiting in the sky waits no longer. Rest in Peace David Bowie and thank you for giving us believers something to believe in.

Joe Elliott (Jan 11th 2016)


A warm Happy Birthday goes out on behalf of the North American Gary Numan Fan Club this week to Mrs. Gemma Numan Webb!  We fans are in debt to you for the way you've supported Gary over the more than 20 years, through good times and bad.  Gary said:


To the most amazing wife, mother & friend anyone could ever wish to know. Happy Birthday Gemma.



An intimate moment

January 13, 2016


Celebrate Gemma's birthday by taking advantage of the current 50% off sale going on right now at Gary Numan's Official Store!  I've never seen all this merchandise going for so cheaply!  An Official RFH Numan poster for $7.50?  A Berserker Tour shirt for $11.50?  That shirt has been a hot item at Numan's show for the last couple of years!   Live CDs for as low as $4.50?  Count me in!!  About the only item that has gotten more expensive are the From Inside albums, selling there now for $41.99.  Originally a Limited Edition release, they are now quite a rare and sought-after item!  NAGNFC Readers were able to score them before anyone else, and for nearly half-price!  


Gary working, talking on Skype, even though on a getaway with Gemma for her birthday
Madonna Inn
January 13, 2016


I'd like to thank all the NAGNFC Readers who clicked the link on my last update to help Tim Muddiman's Pledge Campaign for Paradise Runs Deeper!  Since then, in a mere 6 days, Tim's Pledge has gone from 86% to 97%.  You are all Superstars!!!  Check out his new interview in the January/February issue of Four Culture magazine.  Click on the magazine below to read the entire issue.





January 12, 2016



A true legend.  David Bowie.  RIP  - Gary Numan


Very sad to hear about David Bowie. I had no idea he was that unwell. I’ll be travelling in my car today and playing my copy of the brilliant Scary Monsters as a tribute. Full blast of course! - Chris Payne


Hi People, In tears watching Sky News. The moment that Heroes came on. What a beautiful man.

Bowie What a huge & powerful influence. Rest in Peace. - Billy Currie



Numan's bassist Tim Muddiman said he was deeply saddened by the passing of David Bowie, and has made a cover of Fame available to Pledge Campaigners like you today.  It's pretty amazing.  Help Tim reach 100% and join us in enjoying a great song in tribute of the Starman. 




The marquee of the Chicago Metro, where Gary Numan will play in May

(Hat Tip: Jimi)


VIP Tickets for Gary Numan's New York City shows on May 10, 11 and 12 have just been made available!  The NYC VIP passes are separate from the concert ticket and are only $220 with all booking fees included.  The pass comes with the opportunity to join Gary on stage for a very casual chat and photo, VIP access to the soundcheck where pictures will be allowed, a signed poster, a VIP laminate, personal access to the merch desk before the show and a cool Gary Numan tote bag to hold all your new Numan swag!  Grab them sooner than later, as I don't predict these NYC VIP passes will last very long.  (Hat Tip: Jordan R.)



Thank you kindly to Richard from the excellent UK Numan fan site Numanme for helping me bring you Numan Radio on the NAGNFC!


The Toronto Opera House, where Gary's show was reported to take place, will be hosting a David Bowie Tribute Band called Holy Holy tomorrow.  The event was already scheduled to occur.  Holy Holy is dedicated to recreating, as accurately as possible, the sounds of Bowie's groundbreaking and timesless early albums.  As part of the show, 1970's The Man Who Sold the World will be played in its entirety.  The band just played New York City last week where they wished Bowie a Happy Birthday.  The 900 seat Toronto venue has fielded endless calls about the event, and is likely sold out by now.



London Hammersmith Odeon

January 11, 2016

(Hat Tip: Nicky P.) 


A bit of a buzz going on from Numan's revelation that Are 'Friends' Electric? was about robot prostitutes, and the fact Gary got it past the BBC censors in 1979!  The subject was just brought up in both A Journal of Music Things and VVN Music.  (Hat Tip: Brian H.)



The Dutch are going crazy for Numan!  First the interview on TV where they talked about Tubeway Army, and now a very cool article on Saturday over on Emmen.nu about Gary's career!  Bring your Dutch to English translators!  (Hat Tip: Brian H.)



Hello to the Numanoids of the World!  HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, wherever on the planet you call home.  Best wishes for an amazing 2k16 in whatever you endeavor.  The year is shaping up to be another busy one for Gary Numan.  More of America will get to enjoy 3-day residencies full of the music that originally made Numan famous.  And work has been steady on the new stuff.  And don't worry about all the touring taking time away from Gary's writing time.  Remember, Gary wrote Music For Chameleons over Kansas to the beat of the airplane's windshield wipers!  Okay this is weird.  I'm sitting in a Starbucks typing up this update, and playing overhead right now is the original Trois Gymnopedies!  How cool! And now the news...


Gary Numan will be performing three very intimate sets in Los Angeles on May 4, 5 and 6 as he and the band rehearse for their upcoming North American 3-day residencies in Chicago, New York and at MoogFest.  Only a select few will be given access to these performances.  The good news is that, for now, you can still count yourself among the lucky few.  Rehearsal passes are $300 plus a $30 booking fee.  The passes include full VIP access, and will include a casual and informal meet with Gary Numan and his band.  Not only will you be able to ask any questions of anyone, but you will also be able to play any of the instruments, including any keyboards and even Gary's own Gibson guitar, which has been on about every album Numan has ever done!   What a great photo opportunity for the few lucky fans who will be there in Los Angeles (and yes pictures are allowed and encouraged)!



Graphics by Roberica M.


Fans have been asking about the upcoming American meet-and-greets.  Here's what we know so far.  While the details for the New York City VIP Meet-and-Greet are still being worked out, VIP tickets for the Chicago residency have just been put up for sale.  All three VIP Meets are still available, for now, but as before are expected to sell quickly.  The Chicago VIP passes are $200 each plus a $20 booking fee.  They include the opportunity to join Gary on stage before the show for a chat and some autographs.  You'll receive some cool swag such as an Official Gary Numan Tote Bag, a VIP laminate with priority access when the doors open, a signed poster, and access to the soundcheck where photos will be allowed. 



Chicago ticket shared by Jimi!


Gary has gone on record to say that, although he is working on getting to Toronto, that nothing has been confirmed there as of yet.  With confirmations by the always reliable Exclaim in Canada on December 30, the announcement of the shows on the Toronto Opera House website, as well as confirmation by promoter Viva Events, it seemed like a done deal that Gary was to perform in Toronto in May.  While the Opera House has just pulled the information from their website, Viva Events' website still says Numan's Toronto shows are a go.  So on the official record, Gary isn't playing Toronto.  But since he said he is still working on plans to get to Canada, I'll file this under "developing".  Stay tuned!



Graphics by Roberica M.


So what tickets ARE still available?  More 3-day passes were made available for the Chicago Metro, however the venue's special VIP table with bottle service has sold out for the Replicas and Telekon shows.  All 3-day passes and individual regular show tickets for Chicago can be found here.  Over in New York City, the 3-day passes, which saved fans $15 over three shows, have now sold out.  However, regular tickets are still available for the individual NYC shows.  Anticipating a sellout show, unscrupulous sellers are already reselling Gary Numan NYC tickets over at MightyFineTickets for between $56-$450. (Hat Tip: Nicky P.)  Stay tuned for the availability of the NYC VIP passes.  All three flavors of MoogFest, where Gary will be headlining with a 3-day residency, are still available



The Webb Girls

January 2016


Paul Goodwin has just this new year released his anticipated new book, Tubeway Daze: The Untold Story of Tubeway Army.  At 106 pages, the book reveals the inside scoop of those Tubeway Days which now seem quite unreal.  Available now worldwide on Amazon UK.  One of my most prized books is Paul's Armchair Guide to Gary Numan.  Paul kept the first printed hardcover limited edition, and sent Numan the second limited edition, while I was sent the third limited edition to keep and review here.



Speaking of books, Gary was given a couple of interesting and respectful mentions in a book called Burning Britain by Ian Glasper.  The excerpts are included below.  (Hat Tip: Paul of Cambridge)


and this...


Regular NAGNFC Readers know I've been prone to rant one or twice a year on this page about something.  And now it's Gary's turn.  Numan took issue with some comments on the Campaign forum, as well as those cute little Facebook cliques, posing as Numan fan forums, who saw no value in the synthesizers Gary has been making available to his fans as part of his wildly successful Pledge Campaign (now at 208% of its goal ).  With the availability of Numan's synthesizers, fans are given an incredible opportunity to actually own small slices of electronic music history with these synthesizers that were owned by the man who brought them into the mainstream, singlehandedly ushering in the entire New Wave movement.  Take it away, Gary...


I have been a professional musician now for the best part of thirty eight years so, as you can imagine, I am well used to the pros and cons of dealing with people. For the most part my interactions are lovely and most enjoyable, be they face to face or through technology such as this. But, I’m also well used to the pitfalls of having to deal with those other unfortunate types who seem to delight in complaining.

It’s always a shame when a few people pick holes in something that most other people seem to enjoy but, that would be one of the aforementioned pitfalls. I had hoped that this campaign would avoid such people but that was a foolish, childish hope. I have watched them grumble away, about this and that, since the campaign started but most of all, just lately, about the prices of the musical equipment exclusives. I have stayed out of it until now, but I do need to point out a few simple facts. Before that though, thank you to everyone who has been defending me. It’s been very pleasing to see such an intelligent level of response and understanding amongst the vast majority and I do appreciate it. But, to the point in hand, and this is obviously meant mainly for those people that have complained.

I am not a second hand musical equipment dealer, nor am I interested in what you can buy ‘refurbished’ versions of this equipment for on E-bay or anywhere else. If you can get them cheaper, and price is all you are interested in, then please do go and buy them elsewhere, good luck to you. No-one is forcing anybody to buy anything and I certainly won’t be offended if nobody wants any of the things I offer, whatever the price.

But, if you don’t see any added value in owning a machine that has been owned and used by me, on many world famous and classic albums, then I think you are missing something glaringly obvious to most other people and, in that case, I’m sure the prices I’m asking seem higher than you might expect. Hello E-bay.

In addition, if you see no added value in the fact that these are also all signed by me and come with a letter of authenticity (written by me) regarding their use and history then again, feel free to buy your second hand gear elsewhere.

What you seemingly fail to understand is that I am offering machines that have played a significant part in my history and, therefore, machines that have played a significant part in creating albums that have themselves become an important part of musical history. These simply cannot be compared to cheap refurb units available on E-Bay or elsewhere and it’s ignorant in the extreme to think such a thing. That a fan would not recognize these simple truths, that anyone wouldn’t for that matter, is very surprising to me.

I added these items to the campaign for a very simple reason. Namely, I would have loved to have been able to buy something like this from the people I supported back in the day, but I never had that chance. I thought it was a good thing to do. I thought it would be a welcome and exciting addition to the campaign and I think, for most people, it is. Because of their connection to me, and what they’ve been used for, these items are extremely rare things, with tremendous history, and they have a value way beyond what you can get similar equipment for on E-Bay.

I have also seen comments claiming that selling these items detracts from the campaign. I fail to see how that can be true, or why it matters if it is (which it isn’t). I have always, whenever starting any new album, brought in new equipment and got rid of some of the old. I am currently waiting for new equipment from Roland to arrive for example. So, the moving out of old gear is actually a regular part of the process of making a new album and so is a very real part of a new album campaign. And even if it wasn’t, so what? These pieces of equipment have sold within minutes for the most part so some people seem to love the idea of having a piece of Gary Numan history. How can that be a bad thing? But, these ARE pieces of equipment used in the making of my previous albums and so are surely more relevant to the campaign than my Q Awards wrist band, but nobody moaned about that (or perhaps they did and I just didn’t notice, it was a very hectic first day in the campaign).

I’ve also seen it mentioned that adding these musical items will contribute to the album deadline problems. Not really. I spent just under an hour yesterday adding those five items, mostly while I ate my breakfast, so not a huge obstruction to progress. I’ve spent far longer thinking about your complaints and writing this so you’ve done more to hurt album progress than any gear sale has done.

To end then, on what I hope will be the only time I feel the need to get involved with negative nonsense like this, I will be adding more musical items in the future, they will probably be cheaper elsewhere, they may not even work, and I absolutely insist that you buy elsewhere if you think they are overpriced. Fair enough?

Once again, to those defending me, thank you so much. Your support helps turn these horrible moments into a positive ones, and I’m very grateful. To you especially I say:

Happy New Year.



"We're on the Queen Mary for a couple of nights. Did the history of the ship tour and just finished the ghost tour (it's supposedly the most haunted ship in the world, not sure I believe that) and we are staying in the cabin that Winston Churchill used to use when he travelled on the ship. To me, that's pretty cool. According to the guide though the ghost of Winston has been seen smoking in this very room, so the kids are a bit freaked out, but Minecraft seems to be taking their minds off it. Not helping me much though :-( "

Long Beach Queen Mary

January 2, 2016


There is a fun new commercial in the UK by Aviva.  They follow a family to work out who is the safest driver in the clan.  The ad ancourages people to do the same in their families.  Gary's best known song accompanies the ad.  (Hat Tip: everyone who let me know about the ad!)  The ad was featured in TV Ad Music who had this to say:


Meet the Jolliffe-Austin family from Newport. They’re taking the Aviva Drive app challenge to find out who is the safest driver in their family, and this TV ad encourages viewers to do the same. Full marks here for bagging a high-profile voice-over from James Corden, but zero marks for originality for choosing Cars by Gary Numan to soundtrack a car-related ad. Luckily, the new wave number one from 1979 remains a cracking tune. It’s available to download on iTunes.




New ad from Aviva with music by Gary Numan


This is pretty cool.  I've been reading Entertainment Weekly for decades, but I believe this is Gary Numan's first interview with them.  Posted on their site on Tuesday, the interview speaks about Gary's current Pledge Campaign, and sheds some light on the progress of Gary's new album.  Gary says there are currently 9 tracks being worked on.  He would like to "move around" musically within the blank canvas he's given himself, however he's been happy in the present electronica phase he helped create some 37 years ago.  He speaks about that time not so fondly:


Once Numan wraps up the sessions—he has 260 days left as of Tuesday—he says he’ll look into partnering with a label to help with distribution. And in addition to a string of tour dates, he’s also stoked about vinyl reissues of his classic albums Replicas, The Pleasure Principle, and Telekon—though he admits he cringes hearing the original recordings now.  “It’s ridiculous how amateur it sounds,” he says with a laugh. “There are some notes [on the synths] where it’s speeding up or slowing down. There was no MIDI or anything like that in those days. And I had no experience with synths, really, and no idea what I was doing. But it was still really exciting—it was great.”





These are the reissues Gary spoke of in Tuesday's Entertainment Weekly interview.  These pictures were taken in Portugal, then sent to NAGNFC Reader Miguel in Brazil, so Hat Tips to both of them!


Speaking of Pledge Campaigns, Bright Brown finished his at more than 100% of his goal.  You can download his really cool cover there of Are 'Friends' Electric?.  Brown said he was finally paying homage to "an infectious tune I haven't stopped humming since my new wave days. Please download."  (Hat Tip: Paul of Cambridge)



In America, local radio stations would often have their own local power rotation of hits.  I worked for 93.5 WVBR-FM in Ithaca back in 1983, and we were required to play at least 4 power hits per hour within the playlist.  It seems WVCS in Springfield, Illinois really liked Gary Numan in May of 1980, the month that Numan reached the Top 10 in the USA.  (Hat Tip: Paul of Cambridge)


Speaking of Are 'Friends' Electric?, there is just an excellent video interview Gary has just done for Dutch TV about the song.  No new information for the hardcore fans, but this interview is a MUST SEE!  Gary's stories about the making and impact of the song is interspersed with some great imagery and video from the day.  Even Gary himself said this was one of the best put-together programmes about him (below).  MusicNews.com picked up on Gary's revelation the song is about robot prostitutes, and the fact the BBC would never have played it had they known! (Hat Tip: Brian H.)



Gary's Dutch TV Interview


Keeping with the Tubeway Army theme, NAGNFC Reader Raan S. wrote in to say he spotted a magazine called "The Top 100 Vinyl of All Time".  Alas there were no Numan vinyls on the list, however Tubeway Army's Blue Album was pictured!  (Hat Tip: Raan)



Happy New Year from the Webbs!


When not dodging earthquakes, like the 4.2 quake that rocked his house last Sunday (with no injuries), Gary has been working on audio from his recent London Forum shows.  He says he's been genuinely quite emotional at the response from the audience at those shows.  But he puts it down to age.  Stay tuned for the latest on the release of the live album.




Gary and Gemma co-star with Simon Le Bon from this mid-90s clip!  (Hat Tip: Alma C.)


You know what Gary's favorite movie is right?  Of course it's Blade Runner.  In fact, Gary based many songs and lyrics from the movie in his own songs, even including actual clips from the film in his charting single Call Out The Dogs.  Numan's song Time To Die was based on Roy Batty's final scene of the movie.  And today, January 8, 2016 is Roy's inception date.  So Happy Birthday to Replicant Roy!!  The next birthday will be that of Pris, whose inception date was February 14, 2016.  (Hat Tip: Nicky P.)




High Snobiety included a cool video yesterday of their 50 most famous cars from their favorite movies list.  Not only does this fun video illustrate the cars in a cool way, they include an exclusive cover of Gary Numan's Cars (below)!  (Hat Tip: Brian H.)




Tim Muddiman's Pledge Campaign has been doing rather well lately!  With 52 days to go, the Paradise Runs Deeper campaign has reached 89% of its goal.  That's quite a head of steam recently, so all indications are there is a lot of new worldwide interest in the new album!  Tim Muddiman & the Strange are going to be busy in the coming days.  They're playing the Camden Barfly (49 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AN, London) at 10:30 pm on January 22.  It's a half-hour set, so plenty of time to catch the tube or train home.  Then they will swing by the Craufurd Arms Bar (59 Stratford Road, MK12 5LT, Milton Keynes) on January 27 at 10:00 pm in support of their mates Sean Grant & the Wolfgang.  In the meantime, why not help the cause of our friend Tim and throw some support his way over at his Pledge Campaign?  I promise it's for a good cause! 



Echo beats a retreat to the Numan's bedroom chair after a bad dream.  She is now guarded by Flake.


Thanks to the many readers who helped the NAGNFC cause this month!  Stefan Jungklaus came though with another interesting logo at the top!  You are all superstars!  I'll be in London for a show in February by a band that only plays like every 5 years.  Really looking forward to being in the UK again!  And many thanks to Anita S. in California for this coolness she sent my way from the last Los Angeles aftershow party in October!









Los Angeles Teragram Ballroom

September 30, 2015

Photography: Anita S.






Stefan "Numanhuman" Jungklaus and Jim "The Machman" Napier

Berlin, Germany

February 18, 2014 






Men Without Hats show

Jacksonville Jack Rabbits

May 2, 2015






    Gary Numan and Jim "The Machman" Napier and Gary Numan

    Detroit Majestic Theatre

    July 31, 2006 








    The "Big G", Jim "The Machman" Napier, Gary Numan, Mark Darmofal

    The Spa, New York City

    April 18, 2001




    August/September 2013


    Chapter 1  Sacramento Ace of Spades

    Chapter 2  Eugene WOW Hall

    Chapter 3  Vancouver Fortune Sound Club

    Chapter 4  Seattle Bumbershoot Music Lounge

    Chapter 5  Portland Wonder Ballroom

    Chapter 6  Oakland Metro Opera House

    Chapter 7  Santa Ana Observatory